Why Game of Thrones is Better Than the Bible

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why Game of Thrones is better than the Bible.

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When It Comes to Children, Don’t Let Your Religious Beliefs Trump Modern Medicine

In his latest book, Bad Faith, Dr. Paul Offit explores the world of parents who trust God to heal their sick children — to the point where they don’t bother taking their kids to a doctor — even when the consequences can be fatal.

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Australian Government: If You Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids, We Won’t Give You Child Care Payments

Prime Minister Tony Abbott (below) says he plans to close the loophole that allows anti-vaccination parents to receive child care subsidies from the government. Considering Abbott’s reputation for being anti-science and pro-religion, this is a surprising (but welcome) move.

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Your Wish is Granted!

Seen at PostSecret:

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TV Show Searching for Atheist/Religious Couples Who May Be Getting Married Soon…

I’m passing along this information to those who are interested. I take no responsibility for how this will go, but I’m told it’s for a “major cable network.”

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