For Some Reason, a Mississippi Courthouse Has a Nativity Scene Inside the Building

This is what you’ll see when you walk inside the Harrison County Courthouse in Mississippi:

If you think that looks like a Nativity scene, well, I’m not patting you on the back because this is Mississippi and what the hell else would that be?

The problem, obviously, is that the courthouse is sending the message that Christianity is the only faith that matters, which is disturbing for anyone who’s not Christian hoping to get a fair hearing.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center has sent a letter to Harrison County officials asking them to take the display down, regardless of how many years this tradition has been going on:

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Suburban Chicago High School Football Coach Accused of Praying with Team Before Game

This is a little weird for me since it’s happening so close to home, but a football coach at Naperville Central High School in Illinois has apparently been praying with his team before games.

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Atheists Booked Space in the Nebraska Capitol Early, Crowding Out a Nativity Until After Christmas

Atheists will have an assortment of displays in the Nebraska State Capitol building later this month, and because they reserved the space months in advance before anyone else got there, a Catholic group’s Nativity scene won’t go up until after Christmas. And they’re furious.

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Christians in Wadena (MN) Wrongly Think Atheists Care About Nativity Scenes in Their Yards

Last month, I posted about a Nativity scene in a Wadena (Minnesota) park that had no business being there:

That display came down after the Freedom from Religion Foundation warned them about a possible lawsuit, leaving residents furious. In fact, they’re trying desperately to make sure this assault on Jesus backfires against atheists. How? By putting up a whole bunch of Nativity scenes outside their homes:

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Humanist-Branded License Plates Are Now Available in Maryland

The state of Maryland has fairly loose requirements when it comes to license plates. If you’d like to have one branded by a non-profit organization of your choice, for example, it’s really just a matter of getting the non-profit to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

That’s the process that Ryan Jean began in 2013 when he asked the American Humanist Association if they would go through the motions. Now he and his wife Christine are the proud owners of the first Humanist-branded plates in the state:

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