TN Republican Who Sponsored Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill is Found to Be a “Risk to Unsuspecting Women”

The other day, Terry wrote about how more Republican politicians than trans people have been busted for sex acts in bathrooms.

Now, Jeremy Durham, a Republican legislator from Tennessee who advocated for one of those anti-trans bathroom bills, has been dubbed a “continuing risk to unsuspecting women” by the state’s Attorney General Herbert Slatery.


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Dhaka Tribune Condemns Government Official Who Blamed Atheist for His Own Murder

After last week’s murder of Bangladeshi atheist blogger Nazimuddin Samad (below), one of the worst reactions came from Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal who said Samad’s writings “needed to be scrutinized to see whether he wrote anything objectionable about religion.”


The fact is that it shouldn’t matter what Samad wrote. Criticism of religion never ever deserves a death sentence.

The Dhaka Tribune agrees. In a powerful editorial, they write that the fault lies entirely with the killers, and the government must recognize that.

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Once Again, Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) Introduces Resolution Celebrating “National Day of Reason”

Last year, Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) became the first member of Congress to introduce a formal resolution in support of the National Day of Reason.

And now he’s done it again. House Res. 670 will recognize May 5, 2016 as the National Day of Reason (an alternative to the National Day of Prayer):

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Atheists Don’t Have to Do a Victory Dance When a Church Closes

After nearly 100 years, the Ann Arbor Free Methodist Church in Michigan is going to shut down due to low enrollment. The final sermon, for the regular crowd of about 25 people, took place yesterday.

Even as an atheist, you can have some empathy for the members who are about to lose their community. Not everyone wants to just hop over to a new church, and it may be futile to try and recreate the wheel on their own. Breakups are always tough and this is no different.


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Texas School District Finally Removes Bible Verse from Front Page of Its Website

A few months ago, I posted about how the Troup Independent School District in Texas had a Bible verse right on the front page of their website:


It’s finally been removed… mostly.

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