Christian Hypocrites Denounce “Day of Silence” While Remaining Silent About Pro-Life Version of the Event

More than a dozen leaders of conservative Christian groups have issued a call for parents to keep their children at home during next month’s “Day of Silence” (a student-run initiative during which volunteers don’t speak, all on behalf of the members of the LGBT community who have been forced to be silent about their sexual identities).

Many of the signers are familiar to readers of this site, like Laurie Higgins (of the Illinois Family Institute), Matt Barber, Dr. Michael Brown, Peter LaBarbera, Mat Staver, and Scott Lively.

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Pastor John Hagee Attempts to Convince Skeptics of Biblical Prophecy

Do you believe all the biblical prophecies?

Of course you don’t.

But you totally will after Pastor John Hagee explains everything to you skeptics:

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Richard Dawkins Explains Whether or Not Evolution is a Fact

For Darwin Day, Richard Dawkins answered questions about evolution for his viewers. The latest one talks about whether evolution is a fact:

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Wife of Slain Freethinker Dr. Avijit Roy Issues First Public Statement

A couple of weeks ago, atheist author Dr. Avijit Roy (below) and his wife Rafida Bonya Ahmed were returning home from a book fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh where they were promoting Roy’s latest work, when assailants came after them with cleavers and “hacked them mercilessly.”

Roy died shortly afterwards and Ahmed remains in critical condition. Suspects have been arrested.

Meanwhile, Ahmed issued her first public statement yesterday to the Center For Inquiry:

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Wooden Sign Featuring Old Testament Verse Will Return to Michigan Park… Alongside a Useless Disclaimer

For most of the past 50 years, if you walked into Hager Park in Jenison, Michigan, you might have seen this sign near the picnic shelter:

It’s an Old Testament verse, Psalm 19:1:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.”

Obviously, that sign has no business in a public park…

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