In the Netherlands, Christian Political Parties Are Upset That Their Religious Privilege is Disappearing

In a legislature that seems so far removed from what we have in the United States, the Christian political parties in the Netherlands are really upset that the people who don’t share their faith outnumber them — and are working hard to promote church/state separation.

That means undoing a lot of Christian privilege that has built up over the years:


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A List of All the Republican Presidential Candidates Who Thought God Wanted Them to Run for Office

One of the storylines from this election that will last far beyond this campaign season, I hope, is how many candidates said that God wanted them to run for President… only to dash their hopes months later. God loves playing practical jokes with politicians, I guess.

The current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump claims to be a man of God, though his actions don’t show it at all. He can’t even pretend to be a practicing Christian without screwing up.


That’s why it seems like a good time to revisit all the candidates who directly or indirectly said God had a hand in convincing them to run for office.

Nearly all of them have since dropped out of the race.

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Seattle Man Who Ran Pay-for-Pray Website Agrees to Refund Customers Millions After Scamming Them

A Seattle man who ran a website called the “Christian Prayer Center” along with other deceptive faith-based businesses has agreed to pay back millions of dollars to his customers after admitting they were all scams:


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Jehovah’s Witness Worksheet for Kids Instructs Them to Give Their Money to the Watchtower Society

A new activity sheet for children released by the Jehovah’s Witnesses urges children to take their money through a maze in order to give it to the Watchtower Society.


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Sex Offenders Can Be Nice Guys: How Making Jared Fogle a Monster Encourages Abusers

Put away your pitchforks for a minute and hear me out. We’ve all seen it happen and maybe even participated in the diatribe ourselves. A convicted sex offender is sentenced and the shouts of “Monster!” and “You deserve what you’ll get in prison!” (and worse) erupt from our networks.

Just yesterday, we learned that Jared Fogle (former spokesman for Subway) was assaulted in prison, where he’s serving time for possessing child pornography and engaging in “commercial sex acts with underage minors,” as the government filing put it. My friends (theists and atheists alike, incidentally) gleefully cheered the “justice” and “karma being served.” Twitter, as you might expect, was also ablaze in celebration:


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