A Reporter Bought a Bucket of Food from Televangelist Jim Bakker and Gave It a Try

As readers of this site know by now, disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker has been selling giant buckets of food on his show, telling the audience that they’ll want it for when the world collapses during the Last Days. An 8-year supply of food runs you just $2,500.

That may be out of your price range. However, a 50-Day Sampler Bucket, with enough food for 154 meals, only costs $135.

NPR’s Kylie Mohr figured that was within her budget and gave it a try.

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Monroeville (PA) Officials Face Lawsuit Threat After Mayor Opens Meetings with Lord’s Prayer

When it comes to prayer at local government meetings, here’s how the law seems to be working following the Supreme Court’s 2014 Greece decision: City councils can invite local residents to deliver religious (or non-religious) invocations. Or they can have a moment of silence. Or they can do away with all that nonsense and get to work.

What they absolutely cannot do is only have Christian prayers at meetings or have a council member deliver those prayers.

In Monroeville, Pennsylvania, the city council is doing both. And now the ACLU says it will file a lawsuit:

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Military Atheists and Secular Students Will Have Faithless Float in Clarksville Christmas Parade

If you get a chance to watch the Clarksville Christmas Parade in Tennessee this Saturday, be on the lookout for a float by the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists of Fort Campbell (MASH) and Austin Peay State University Students for Secular Humanism. It’ll be the one with this lovely “O Come All Ye Faithless” banner:

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These Pranksters Read Bible Passages to People, Telling Them It Was the Qur’an; They Were Shocked

A lot of conservative Christians like to argue, as do atheists, that the Qur’an is full of barbarism and misogyny. Unlike the atheists, though, they forget that their own Bible is also full of horrific verses.

So the Dutch pranksters at Dit Is Normaal ran an experiment. They bought a Bible, but changed the cover to say it’s the Qur’an. Then they asked people to read passages and give their thoughts.

It went exactly as you’d expect:

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Missouri Legislator Proposes Bill to Make Buying Guns as Difficult as Obtaining Abortions

Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman, a Democrat, pre-filed a bill (HB 1397) that would force gun owners to go through the same process that women in her state are subjected to when they want to obtain an abortion.

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