If an Anti-Atheist Story on Snopes Were Made Into a Film, It’d Be This One

Reader Nicola sends along this movie trailer for God’s Not Dead from Christian company Pure|Flix. It features a mean atheist professor (played by Kevin Sorbo, who clearly lost a bet) and a brave Christian student…

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Richard Dawkins Isn’t Defending ‘Mild Pedophilia’… but That Doesn’t Make His Comments Okay

Richard Dawkins is no stranger to saying provocative things that he finds harmless that also manage to offend plenty of other people. It’s fine, of course, when he’s criticizing religious beliefs or bad public policy. It’s harder to defend when he types out a tweet like the one he put out last month:

While technically true, it’s easy to see how that could be interpreted as a criticism of Muslim people (and a slam on their intelligence) and not something about, say, a repressive culture in many Islamic countries that doesn’t allow all people to reach their full potential.

He managed to outdo himself this past weekend as he prepares for the release of his memoir An Appetite for Wonder. His (to put it mildly) inarticulate way of talking about a sensitive subject has led to all sorts of well-deserved criticism today.

In an interview with The TimesGiles Whittell, which is behind a paywall but which you can read in full here, Dawkins recalled a teacher he had who was sexually abusive to students, yet Dawkins can’t bring himself to fully condemn him:

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Shedding the ‘Agnostic’ Label

Troy Fitzgerald just published a book last month called Cults and Closets in which he referred to himself as a “devout agnostic.”

And now, in the span of a few weeks, he’s ready to shed that label, too:

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Atheist Billboards Go Up in Bryan and College Station, Texas

Just in time for the big Texas A&M game against #1-ranked Alabama this weekend, the newly-formed Brazos Valley Coalition of Reason has put up four billboards in the Bryan and College Station, Texas areas (near where the game will be played):

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Foundation Beyond Belief Rallies Humanists to Support Syrian Refugees

Regardless of what the United States ends up doing with regard to Syria, refugees are fleeing the country and need serious help. Foundation Beyond Belief (a group I work with) has launched a fundraising drive to benefit the International Rescue Committee, specifically to help those who have been displaced and separated from their families as a result of the chaos in the region:

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