FBI Raids Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Schools in New York Suspected of Defrauding Government Tech Program

For years now, ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in New York have been receiving tens of millions of dollars in funding from the federal government as part of a program called E-rate, which The Jewish Week explained “subsidizes telecommunications services and infrastructure for schools and libraries.”

There’s a story to be written about why private religious schools should be receiving taxpayer funding at all, but the bigger story right now is that ultra-Orthodox Jews essentially forbid their community from using the Internet. (After all, knowledge might pop their bubble.) Which means they’re getting a lot of money to increase their technological capabilities… even though the students aren’t allowed to use it.


Yesterday, the FBI raided dozens of Jewish schools and local vendors in the city of Ramapo to investigate what appears to be widespread fraud:

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About Those Two Fetuses Growing in Their Mother’s Womb…

Well, I’m convinced.

All lives are precious, everyone. Don’t ever forget it.


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An Atheist Writes About the Years He Spent Attending a Christian College

Oliver Eldridge attended the very-Christian Azusa Pacific University in California… which is a strange thing to do when you’re an atheist.

We sometimes hear about non-religious people who attend religious schools because they discovered they no longer believed in God during college and it was too late to transfer. It was much easier to just suck it up, get the degree, and get out. That, I think, makes a lot of sense.

But Oliver knew he was an atheist before he even applied. So what gives?


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TN Legislator Wants to Take $100,000 from UT’s Diversity Office to Buy “In God We Trust” Stickers

For the past year, whenever fire department officials and police chiefs have put “In God We Trust” decals on their vehicles, they’ve gone out of their way to explain how the message is totally not an endorsement of Christianity, adding that the stickers are privately funded, anyway.

Now wait till you hear what’s going on in Tennessee.

House Bill 2248, sponsored by Republican State Rep. Micah Van Huss, would strip $100,000 a year from the University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion — which is all the state funding they get.

That’s bad enough. Van Huss, however, amended his own bill yesterday to make it even worse. Now he wants that money to be re-allocated in order to buy “In God We Trust” decals.

Micha Van Huss

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Teacher Who Led Students Out of Religious Assembly Will Resign After Accusations of Racism

Earlier this month, I posted a story about a ridiculous event that took place at Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School For Innovation in Lynchburg, Virginia.


As the story went, a white teacher interrupted a Black History Month assembly and told the kids to leave the auditorium with him, leading the school to send home a letter to parents apologizing for his actions.

There’s now an update to this story and I’m sorry to say it doesn’t involve an apology to Tyree.

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