Cure for Cancer Found! (Spoiler Alert: It’s Jesus)

Dr. Tom Renfro nearly died from cancer 17 years ago. He took drugs. He had chemotherapy. And then… his tumors were gone.

Time to thank the doct–wait, what?

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A Voice of Reason on Our Relationship with the Universe

dogmaticCURE brings together images and music with the words of atheists (in this case, Lawrence Krauss).

This video focuses on our relationship with the universe:

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Comic Book Series Featuring Atheist Superheroes Battling Supernatural Threats Now Available in Its Entirety

Last October, writer Justin Aclin and illustrator Nicolás Daniel Selma released the first of four issues of S.H.O.O.T. First, a comic book featuring atheists who “protect mankind from the supernatural threats that they do not believe in.” (They’re part of a team called the Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration Taskforce.)

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3 Tough Things About the First Year of Marriage That Aren’t Really Tough At All

In an article for the Christian website RELEVANT, Bronwyn Lea writes about the (lesser) difficulties you might come across during your first year of marriage:

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Here’s Why the Christian Right is Losing the Battle Against Gay Marriage

Yesterday, Diane Gramley (below) of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania made these statements after a judge struck down the statewide ban on gay marriage:

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