Pat Robertson: Angels Communicate Telepathically in Heaven, So Knowing Multiple Languages Won’t Help

Your high school Spanish teacher lied to you: After you die, those foreign language skills will be useless! At least if you agree with Pat Robertson.

In response to a woman who claims to speak 26 languages and wants to know which ones will be useful in Heaven, Robertson said on The 700 Club that none of them will matter since the angels communicate through your mind:

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Even Locals Are Mad at California School Board Member Who Ranted Against Gay Marriage at Meeting

When a school board is sued over for illegally praying to Jesus at meetings, you’d think a lot of local Christians would be thrilled about it. They’ll say prayer is good, and any church/state separation group that opposes it is simply trying to persecute Christians.

We rarely see community members speak out against what the board is doing.

But that’s slowly changing in the Chino Valley Unified School District (in California). The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sued the Board for its promotion of religion, but it looks like locals are coming around to FFRF’s side… or at least they’re admitting the Board has crossed a line. Much of that stems from a July meeting when Vice President Andrew Cruz whined about marriage equality, invoked the Confederate Flag, argued that racism was over, complained about California’s recent mandatory vaccination laws… and basically did nothing that would help students.

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Catholic Priest Who Installed Hidden Camera in Church Bathroom Has Fled the Country

Remember Father Ysrael Bien, the Catholic priest who allegedly snuck a hidden video camera into the bathroom at St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood, Oregon?

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Atheists Now Make Up 0.1% of the Federal Prison Population

How many atheists are in the U.S. federal prison system?

Is the percentage of atheists in prison more or less than what we’d find in the general population?

And are any of those numbers actually meaningful?

Two years ago, I set out to explore those questions. I found that self-described atheists made up an astonishingly-low 0.07% of the prison population, far less than anyone expected. (Though that percentage came with several caveats.)

I wanted to know if those numbers had changed at all since 2013, so earlier this summer, I filed another FOIA request with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This time, I didn’t just ask for the religious demographics of all prisoners; I also requested a state-by-state breakdown. The information arrived earlier this week (broken down by individual prisons instead of states). You can see the raw data here along with a spreadsheet I created.

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Christian Business Will Shut Down Because Owners Refuse to Work with Newly-Unionized Employees

Gingrich Woodcraft, a Christian-owned business based in Ontario, will be closing up shop very soon for reasons having to do with the owners’ faith… but I’ve never heard this particular faith-based excuse until now:

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