Swiss People Are Furious That Two Muslims Boys Won’t Have to Shake Their Female Teachers’ Hands

There’s a delightful tradition in Switzerland in which students shake hands with their teachers before and after class — it’s a sign of respect, not to mention a way to calm everyone down before the lessons start. But a school in the Basel-Country canton is now at the center of controversy because of how administrators dealt with two Muslim students who didn’t want to participate in the tradition.

The reason? Their religion prevents them from touching women who aren’t in their family.


The problem is that school officials seemed to be okay with this, making an accommodation for the boys:

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New Survey Finds Majority of People in Scotland Have No Religious Affiliation

Congratulation, Scotland! You’re the latest country in which the majority of people have no religious faith! Furthermore, two thirds of the people who were raised with religion no longer attend religious services.

What a lovely Scottish church... What a lovely, probably empty Scottish church.

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Saturday Night Live‘s “Establishment Shuffle” Mocks Republican Bigotry

I have no idea why this didn’t appear on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, but the “Establishment Shuffle” is a hilarious look at what leading Republicans are thinking during this campaign. Bonus points for working in North Carolina’s anti-gay Governor Pat McCrory.


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Jesus Rises… Then Falls

Here’s some unsolicited advice: If you really want to recreate the crucifixion of Jesus, make sure the actor is securely attached to the cross:


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There’s Finally a Billboard Up in Los Angeles Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy

Back in February, I posted about an anti-Scientology billboard that was supposed to go up in Los Angeles. It criticized the idea of Disconnection — the idea that current Scientologists can have no meaningful contact with ex-Scientologists, even within their own families.


Unfortunately, the billboard company Outfront Media canceled its contract with former Scientologist Phil Jones. It was canceled on a technicality involving the artwork, but it’s hard to believe the message itself (and how it would upset powerful local Scientologists) had nothing to do with it.

Another billboard company, Regency Outdoor, also refused to put it up.

But none of that matters now, since Lamar Media finally accepted the money.

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