When You Start Asking Questions, One Thing Leads to Another…

People who are having religious doubts will be able to relate to David Hayward‘s latest cartoon:


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Iowan Atheists Will Demonstrate for Church/State Separation Before Next Republican Debate

Tomorrow night, just before an apparently Donald Trump-less Republican debate, several atheists in Iowa will be participating in a protest in defense of church/state separation.

The theme of the event? “Keep Your Theocracy Out of Our Democracy”


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A Christian Bully is Surprised Nobody Wants To “Debate” Him, So Let Me Explain

Like many kids who went through grade school, I had a bully.

This person followed me around, called me names, and tormented me in every class we shared. Now, this was back when schools just blithely accepted bullying as a part of the educational process, so I really had just two options for dealing with my tormentor:

1) I could politely ask him to stop calling me “faggot.”

2) I could ignore them.

Out of misplaced trust and youthful naiveté, I chose the first option. Guess how that turned out?


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Italian Museum Covers Up Nude Statues During Visit from Iranian President

When Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited Rome during a week-long trip to Europe, he stopped by the famous Musei Capitolini to check out the beautiful artwork.

Which he didn’t get to see since some of the most memorable pieces of art were covered up so as to not offend him.

Such beautiful artwork. I assume...

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Christian Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein Put Subliminal Dollar Bill Images in His Latest Video

Well, this is a new tactic for Christian vertical video addict (and Starbucks red cup destroyer) Joshua Feuerstein: It looks like he’s sticking subliminal advertising into his latest videos.

In a “Facebook church” video posted online Sunday (and then removed Monday) by Feuerstein, he gave a long loud rant about Jesus before introducing a group of musicians and singers. But if you look carefully in the clip below, which was snagged before Feuerstein took down his video, you see an interesting thing happen every minute, on the dot, beginning at the 0:23 mark:

A dollar bill flashes on the screen.


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