God May Need to Take a Few More Steps

Sometimes, even God gets into a funk:


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Why “In God We Trust” Shouldn’t Be on Our Money

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why “In God We Trust” doesn’t belong on our money:


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Podcast Ep. 101: Hemant and Jessica Discuss All Things Politics

Our latest podcast guests are… ourselves! Again! We’re discussing the presidential race and how religion plays a role in it.


We discussed our primary votes (hint: you can probably guess who we didn’t vote for), which Republican candidate would be the worst case scenario for atheists, and the openly atheist candidates running for state and federal office.

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Angry Christian Protester Freaks Out Over Easter Bunny and People at an Easter Egg Hunt

Christine Weick, the perpetually screaming Christian last seen accosting Katy Perry’s preacher dad for raising a “wicked” daughter and complaining about Monster energy drinks, has a new enemy.

She’s now going after the Easter Bunny — and anyone who celebrates the holiday with an Easter egg hunt.


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An 8-Minute Summary of God’s Not Dead 2

YouTuber Jeremy Jahns put up his summary of God’s Not Dead 2.

I don’t think he likes it.


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