Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump’s Bible Verse Bungle

Stephen Colbert went after Donald Trump and his faux-faith last night, mocking his Bible verse bungle at Liberty University (and plenty of other things, too):


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SkepticKids Shirts Offer a Response to Religious Messaging on Children

Lindsey Hebert and Ashley Oliver are both atheist mothers from the South who are used to seeing kids with clothes bearing religious messages. It prompted them to create shirts that push back against that culture.

After getting a positive reaction from their friends, the two mothers have launched their own online store, SkepticKids:


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Asking Marco Rubio How He’d Protect the Rights of Atheists Is Not a “Gotcha” Question

I recently posted about how atheist Justin Scott asked Sen. Marco Rubio a question during a campaign stop in Iowa. It was essentially the same question he’s asked all the candidates he’s met. Justin wanted to know how Rubio would defend the rights of atheists — and protect the separation of church and state — if he were to be elected.


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Israeli Home of Prominent Atheist Leader Vandalized in Apparent Hate Crime

The home of a prominent atheist professor in Jerusalem was vandalized this morning. The apparent hate crime was committed, it seems, by religious zealots who want to stop him from destroying the faith of the Israeli people.

Professor Yaakov Malkin is a leader of Tmura, the Israeli affiliate of the International Institute for Humanistic Secular Judaism. He’s been a secular activist for the past 50 years, and an organizational leader for the past 20. His group trains Secular Humanistic rabbis to serve the many, many Jewish people who don’t identify primarily as religious.

Malkin’s home was defaced with Bible-verse graffiti, a knife, and a threatening note:


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Hollywood “Medium” Tyler Henry, Whose Show Premieres Sunday, Wants to Specialize in Suicide Victims

This Sunday, E! will premiere a new show about a “psychic” who helps Hollywood stars get in touch with their dead relatives. (Because why lie to gullible strangers when you can lie to gullible celebrities?)

But to make the charade work, you need someone young, attractive, and fully convinced of his own “gift.”

That someone is 20-year-old Tyler Henry, who’s already getting the Dr. Phil treatment:


Susan Gerbic, at Skeptical Inquirer, is especially frustrated that Henry plans to specialize (my word, not his) in suicides:

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