Texas Baptists Prayed for a Drought to End. Two Years Later, They’re Celebrating (for Some Reason)

Following a nasty drought a couple of years ago, some Christians in Austin, Texas prayer for rain. Which, I guess, is less embarrassing than doing a dance to appease the gods, but equally as useful. The drought’s been over for a while now. Local lakes are filled again. And that means it’s time for the Christians to celebrate their incredible success:


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Colorado Republican Senate Candidate: Fracking Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes; God Does!

The U.S. Geological Survey said this week that the link between fracking and earthquakes is stronger than ever.

Fluid injection is a controversial tactic tied to hydraulic fracturing, the drilling technique known as “fracking” that has dramatically increased U.S. oil and gas production. When oil and gas is pumped out of the ground, salty water often flows out with it. This water is typically injected back under high pressure into disposal wells — a practice that the geological agency has said can induce earthquakes.

So if you’re a Colorado Republican hoping to win a seat in the U.S. Senate, what do you do?

You already know the answer because I said “Republican.”


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Louisiana Legislator on Education Subcommittee Says Creationism is True Because We Found Noah’s Ark

In Louisiana, where there’s still a(n unenforceable) law on the books that says Creationism can be taught alongside evolution, the Senate Education Committee voted 4-2 this week to leave that old law in place.

Why would they want to do that? Because, as State Senator John Milkovich said during the committee hearings, there’s plenty of proof in defense of Creationism:


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Caught on Tape: Christian Teacher’s Rant Against Liberals, Gay Rights, and #BlackLivesMatter

There are high school teachers who are incredible, inspiring, and role models for students everywhere.

Gregory Hendrix isn’t one of those teachers.

Mills High School

Recently, Hendrix decided to show The Passion of the Christ in class. When students complained about it, leading to a reprimand, he went off on a rant the next day.

He didn’t realize that his speech was being recorded:

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These Atheists Saw God’s Not Dead 2 So You Don’t Have To

I’m sure all of you have seen God’s Not Dead 2 by now, but on the off chance you haven’t bought a ticket to this celebration of fake Christian victimhood, a couple of masochistic atheists did it for you.

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