But a Fish Won’t Feed a Starving Man’s Soul!

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, gets to the heart of a famous parable:

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So That’s Why God Created the Devil…

DarkMatters2525 continues his “Power Corrupts” series by explaining the purpose of the Devil.

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That Would Explain the Behavior of Many Religious People…

The Onion has the scoop on God’s Master Plan:

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New York Appoints Commission to Oversee Struggling School District Run by Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Last year, This American Life aired an episode all about how a group of ultra-orthodox Jews took over a public school district in East Ramapo, New York.

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Christian Business Owners Accused of Using Slave Labor to Make Cornhole Games

The owners of a self-described Christian company that made wooden birdhouses and cornhole games are now being accused of using slave labor.

Stand Firm Designs — the website is down but you can see an archived version here — has a Bible verse on its home page and a logo that includes a Jesus Fish:

The Associated Press reports that the owners, who worked at a Nashville prison privately run by the Corrections Corporation of America, were allegedly using inmates to make the products without ever paying them:

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