New York Times Two-Page Ad Honors “Three Wiser Men” Who Gave Us the Bill of Rights

Today’s New York Times includes a two-page spread from the Freedom From Religion Foundation honoring the “Three Wiser Men” who gave us the Bill of Rights. It comes on the 224th anniversary of the Bill of Rights’ ratification in 1791.

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In Honor of Christopher Hitchens, Four Years Later

Four years after his death, the loss of Christopher Hitchens is still felt by many atheists.

In a time when Republican candidates will say damn near anything to get support from the toxic Religious Right, when fundamentalist Islam is creating havoc on an international scale, and when critical thinking is severely underrated, Hitchens’ take-no-prisoners approach to religion that seemed so radical at one time is sorely missed today.

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We Shouldn’t Say the Bible is a 2,000-Year-Old Book

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains why we should stop saying the Bible is a 2,000-year-old book.

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Evangelical Plan to Recruit 1,000 Pastors Into Politics is Already Seeing Results

It was more than a year ago that David Lane, the founder of the American Renewal Project, said he wanted to recruit 1,000 Christian pastors to run for public office (each with hundreds of Christian volunteers). If he succeeded, it would be a way to roll back LGBT rights, women’s rights, and many other progressive victories.

His unbelievable reason for doing this was that “For too many decades the Church has accepted the outlandish idea that it is not to be involved in politics.”

Which is news to all of us who see a Congress that’s 92% Christian and 0% atheist.

How’s his plan shaping up? The recruiting is well underway and the pastors are making sure their congregations are *wink wink* registered to vote.

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In the Latest New Yorker, a Closer Look at the Murders of Several Bangladeshi Atheists

American author and atheist activist Avijit Roy (below) was murdered this past February during a visit to Bangladesh. His wife, who was also attacked, escaped with her life. Since then, many other atheists (and those with connections to atheists) have died in the country at the hands of Muslim extremists.

In the latest New Yorker, Samanth Subramanian looks at the details of Roy’s death, the 84-person hit list that included his name, and the government’s pathetic response to all of it:

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