Study Shows That More Religious Places Show Less Scientific Innovation (or When Religion Wins, Science Loses)

According to a recent paper by a Princeton economist and his colleagues, we can attach some numerical data to the battle between science and religion (or, rather, “patents per capita” versus how seriously the people there take religion):

Chris Mooney at Mother Jones explains:

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The Founding Father Who Began the Boston Tea Party Didn’t Believe in the Christian God

We know the Founding Fathers included a mix of Christians (of various stripes) and Deists. Now, a new book by Matthew Stewart, excerpted at Politico, explains that the latter category includes the man behind the Boston Tea Party, Dr. Thomas Young — literally, the original Tea Partier:

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At Anti-Abortion Rally, Non-Religious Speaker Urges Audience to Accept Atheists Who Share Their Views

At a recent pro-life (or anti-abortion or whatever you want to call it) rally in California, Monica Snyder of the group Secular Pro-Life urged the audience not to forget about the non-religious demographic when making their arguments:

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Indiana Governor Says State Park’s Sculpture of a Kneeling Soldier in Front of a Christian Cross Can Stay Put

The Christian sculpture at Whitewater Memorial State Park in Liberty, Indiana that caused so much controversy can stay right where it is, says Indiana Department of Natural Resources director Cameron Clark. And Governor Mike Pence is backing him up:

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Humanist Chaplaincies Around the Country Have Created a Group Blog and Are Looking for Writers

The folks at the Humanist Community at Rutgers have started a project involving all six of the current Humanist chaplaincies (including those at Yale, American, Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford) — it’s a multi-university journal/blog called Applied Sentience:

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