Let’s See How Religious Your State Is

Well, at least Illinois is in the bottom half of states when it comes to overall religiosity. (You’re welcome, America.)

Can your state beat that?


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The Possible Upside to Donald Trump Winning the Republican Nomination

Granted the Republicans have a firm majority in the House, a slight majority in the Senate, and a stronghold on state legislatures across the nation, this bumper sticker still made me laugh:


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God Spoke to Them!


[Click image for full cartoon]

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Australian Christian Leader: We Must Protect Atheists’ Right to Discriminate Against Gay Couples

The last time we heard from Australian Christian Lobby head Lyle Shelton, he was explaining how marriage equality was a horrible idea because people might think he’s gay. And we can’t have that now, can we?


Looks like the King of Bad Arguments is back with a new entry.

In short, if marriage equality were to be legalized in Australia, Shelton says the Parliament must make sure everyone’s religious freedoms are protected so that people who think same-sex marriage is a sin aren’t required to participate in a gay wedding ceremony.

That’s not necessarily a problem — but look at how he actually phrased it:

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Norwalk (Ohio) School Board is Close to Adopting a Policy Allowing Christian Prayers at Meetings

The board members of the Norwalk City School District in Ohio have spent a lot of time lately debating whether or not to pray at meetings.


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