Donald Trump Says Women Who Have Abortions Deserve “Some Form of Punishment”

Donald Trump said in a Town Hall interview with Chris Matthews (airing later tonight on MSNBC) that women who have abortions need to have “some form of punishment.”

Whether that’s a fine or jail time, Trump wasn’t sure, since he never likes to think through any of his grand ideas, but the implication was clear: Women who exercise their reproductive rights need to be penalized for it.

Meanwhile, Trump is still defending his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who’s been charged with battery for grabbing a reporter. “I don’t discard people,” Trump said.


So there you go, women. If you want a safe and legal abortion, be sure you’re working for Donald Trump first. Problem solved.

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Why Did the Unitarian Universalists Sign a Pact with the Anti-Atheist Boy Scouts?

As longtime readers are surely aware, two of the biggest complaints against the Boy Scouts of America over the past decade have been their policies against gay members and atheists. (They’re a private group, so they’re legally allowed to do this, but they get plenty of support from the government and public schools, which is the problem.)

In 2013, the ban on gay scouts was finally lifted. In 2015, the ban on gay scout leaders went away, too. The ban on atheists is still in effect.

Enter the Unitarian Universalist Association. They’ve long been on the side of civil rights and have many non-religious members. In 1998, they cut all ties with the BSA because of the bigotry. And even as the barriers went away these past few years, the UUA maintained that separation, showing solidarity with atheists.

That’s why it’s extremely disappointing that the UUA has now reconciled with the BSA, signing a “Memorandum of Understanding” that will lead to more cooperation between the groups:


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British Columbia Humanists to School District: Stop Bible Giveaway or Hand Out Godless Comic Books

I’ve posted before about how a Colorado school district held an illegal Bible giveaway for elementary school students — as a result, Satanic coloring books will be made available for those kids later this week. (Success! Even though it’d be better if religion was kept out of the school altogether.)

Looks like British Columbia has a similar problem. And atheists are making sure there’s a similar result.

Bible Consent Cards, as given out in the Chilliwack (BC) School District several years ago.

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The Struggles of Secular Homeschooling

When you think about homeschooling, you almost instinctively think about conservative Christianity. The two seem tailor-made for each other. There are conventions and curricula that cater to Christians who want nothing to do with public schools, whatever their reasoning may be.

But that poses a huge obstacle for atheist parents who decide homeschooling is also the best option for them. Finding tutors and textbooks that aren’t offering up some brand of fundamentalist Christianity is harder than you think. So is finding a social group for your kids that doesn’t involve Bible study.


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Christian Bishop: God Heals People Through the Olive Oil You Can Buy on My Website

Kingdom Church in London has been in the news lately for holding noisy services at 3:00 in the morning. They’ve even been fined for noise pollution. So why bother? According to Bishop Climate Irungu, it’s because that’s when “demons and the spiritual world are most active.” (Sure they are…)

During an interview with ITV London, however, Irungu said something even stranger than that.

He explained that olive oil, which he sells on his website, is the cure to a variety of serious ailments. There are oils for everything from improving your marriage to getting a promotion. When a reporter called him out on this obvious fraud, Irungu kept a straight face and said it was all in God’s hands:


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