How Can You Be An Atheist if Your Brother Survived a Brain Injury?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers a reader’s question: How can you be an atheist if your brother survived a brain injury?:

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Another Bible Story You Didn’t Hear About in Church

With his new video depicting a story from the Bible, DarkMatters2525 will undoubtedly anger a lot of people… mostly because they won’t be able to handle the fact that they once believed this.

Remember: Some people still say this all literally happened.

(Warning: NSFW language and animation)

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Where’s That Bumper Sticker?

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Freedom From Religion Foundation Files Amicus Brief for Supreme Court Prayer Case

Just a day after a whole host of other atheist groups submitted their joint amicus brief for Town of Greece v. Galloway, the Supreme Court case that could decide the fate of government invocation prayers, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has submitted theirs as well.

Just as the other brief did, this one focuses almost entirely on the Supreme Court case of Marsh v. Chambers (1983), the last time the Court decided a case involving government prayer.

Unlike the other brief, though, this one’s just flat-out blunt about how awful Marsh was and urges the Court to overturn it — or, barring that, to affirm the Appeals Court’s ruling against the blatantly sectarian prayers in the town of Greece, New York. It also highlights the changing demographics in our society in order to show that, even if we were once a Christian-majority country, we are no longer heading in that direction:

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We Could Learn a Lesson from These Christians Whose Property Was Vandalized

This was the entrance to the Christian ministry Faith and Action — right behind the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.:

This was the same entrance after some vandalism over the weekend:

But Rev. Rob Schenck actually did something admirable in the wake of this damage. Check out what he said yesterday:

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