Toledo Mayoral Candidate Speaks in Tongues and Threatens Voters with God’s Wrath if She’s Not Elected

Someone at a local Toledo news station must have lost a bet since he had to interview the candidates running for mayor. All the candidates. Even the fringe ones.

And that meant interviewing Opal Covey, a self-described “prophetess” who… oh, does it really matter after I’ve said that?

Covey complained about how she totally won the election in 2013 — this is her fifth time running for mayor — but had it stolen from her. The best part about the interview, however, came at the end when the reporter asked her if she had anything else to say to voters.

She paused for a bit, then looked straight into the camera, spoke in tongues, and threatened voters with God’s wrath:

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Donald Trump: I Would “Absolutely” Close Down Mosques to Fight ISIS

Speaking with the Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney yesterday, Donald Trump said he would shut down mosques in the U.S. in order to combat ISIS.

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Christian Bride Gives Pastor Dad “Certificate of Purity” at Wedding to Prove She’s Still a Virgin

Of all the memories you might create on your wedding day, I’ll admit this one never crossed my mind. Then again, I’m also not a conservative Christian obsessed with “purity”…

A Maryland bride gave her dad a “certificate of purity” to prove to him that her “hymen was still intact.” It was signed by a doctor, implying that she actually had one inspect her to verify all this. (Was her word not good enough?)

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After Much Debate, Evangelical Group Takes a New Position on the Death Penalty: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The National Association of Evangelicals, which has long supported the death penalty (because that whole “pro-life” thing only goes so far), has finally changed its stance on the issue. The new position boils down to “Both sides make good points… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

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University of Utah Football Coaches Are Teaching a Class in Mormonism to Players

Normally, when we hear about football coaches pushing religion on players, it’s in an informal, coercive way: they pray before/after games or mention God in pep talks.

At the University of Utah, their football coaches are literally teaching a class in Mormonism to the players.

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