BuzzFeed’s “I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…” Statements Should Be Obvious to Most Viewers

A BuzzFeed video called “I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…” is already generating tons of views (and comments). It features several atheists responding to the most frequent stereotypes leveled against us:

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Purported ISIS Document Reveals Rules for How to Rape Slaves in Accordance with Sharia Law

The Islamic State wants to make sure its members are treating enslaved women right. Which is to say: They can be raped, but it has to be done in accordance with Sharia Law.

According to reporters at Reuters, theologians working with the terrorist organization issued a list of “rules” for how this can be done after they saw violations taking place. And if you reread that sentence, you’ll realize how messed up our world is. Their interpretation of the Qur’an permits rape, but only if done correctly.

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New York Times Magazine Covers Plight of Threatened Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers

Joshua Hammer, writing for the New York Times Magazine, is the latest journalist to tackle the plight of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh. The scariest passage may be this one about Asif Mohiuddin, who was attacked by terrorists in 2013:

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Here’s What a Real-Life Paranormal Investigator is Like

If you’re not familiar with Joe Nickell, the skeptic and paranormal investigator who debunks all those stories you’re used to seeing on the History Channel, here’s a wonderful video about his work, courtesy of Casey Feldman of Vice’s The Real:

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Humanists Will Appeal Ruling That Says Giant Cross Monument Does Not Promote Christianity

If you visit Bladensburg, Maryland, you’ll see a 40-foot-tall World War I memorial called “Peace Cross.” Not only is it clearly a Christian symbol, it’s on public property, maintained by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission:

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