U.S. House Introduces Resolution Calling for the Global Repeal of Blasphemy Laws

It’s bipartisan and sorely needed.

Rep. Joseph Pitts (R-PA) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) have introduced H. Res. 290, calling for the global elimination of blasphemy laws:

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Despite Ample Evidence of ACLU Defending Christians, Creationist Ken Ham Still Preaches Persecution Myth

A Native American high school senior made headlines recently because he wanted to wear an eagle feather, a symbol of his faith, during his graduation ceremony. The Clovis Unified School District in California said no. The student sued. And he won, which was the right call. This was hardly a disruptive religious symbol and it was student-initiated.

The ACLU defended that student, Christian Titman, and that shouldn’t surprise anybody. The group defends religious people whose civil rights have been violated just like they defend atheists. Any objective observer knows this.

Creationist Ken Ham isn’t sure what to make of that information, though. Ham constantly spouts the “religious freedom” argument and rails against groups like the ACLU… but they’re defending religion here… and that messes with his persecution narrative… what should he do?!

Simple! Trash the ACLU because they would never support Christians this way:

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Another Government-Supported Ten Commandments Monument Could Go Up in Florida County

A couple of years ago, there was a lot of drama in Florida in response to a Ten Commandments monument outside the Bradford County Courthouse. Because government officials wanted it to remain there, they had to allow monuments from other religious/non-religious groups… or face a very risky lawsuit. American Atheists soon installed a bench outside the courthouse peppered with quotations about atheism and church/state separation:

Now, the Gilchrist County Commissioners appear to be following a similar path, supporting a Ten Commandments monument on government property:

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An Incredible YouTube Experiment Testing the Coriolis Effect

Do toilets really swirl in opposite directions based on the hemisphere you’re in?

YouTubers Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay (both of whom make fantastic science videos) did an experiment to test that idea — basically seeing if the Coriolis effect is really true.

How they did it is just incredible. It involves playing both of their videos at the same time. (I suggest opening them up separately, side by side, on your desktop.)

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Pastor Creflo Dollar May Get His $65 Million Private Jet After All

Remember a couple of months ago, when Pastor Creflo Dollar asked his followers for enough money to purchase a $65 million plane? (For Jesus.)

A month later, we learned the fundraiser was cancelled (though it’s unclear how much money they took in before that). Dollar said to his congregation that “The Enemy” was just trying to discredit him because he’s a voice of “faith and grace and truth.”

(Nah. We were trying to discredit him because he’s building an empire on the backs of gullible followers who think they’re pleasing God. Unlike Dollar, we are looking out for their best interests.)

Well, it looks like Dollar may be getting his jet now.

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