Pat Robertson Advises Parents to Skip Their Gay Child’s Wedding

What the hashtag for problems that only Christians seem to have? Because this “ethical dilemma,” with a parent debating whether or not to attend the wedding of her child because it’s a same-sex ceremony, just doesn’t exist in my world:

Good thing we have Pat Robertson to set us straight:

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This Handy Flow Chart Will Help You Figure Out Whether or Not to Vaccinate Your Child

Cartoonist and mother Chelsea Carr guides us through the vaccine question:

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Another Compilation of Christopher Hitchens’ Best Comebacks

Here’s another compilation of Christopher Hitchens‘ best arguments and comebacks.

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A Reporter Searches for Evil Atheists Listed on the American Family Association’s “Bigotry Map” but Comes Up Empty

Josh Kruger of Philadelphia Weekly wanted to know just how awful the atheist/Humanist groups listed on the American Family Association’s Bigotry Map were, so he called up the groups’ leaders to figure out why there’s so much hate in their hearts.

He was in for a surprise.

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Bryan Fischer Claims Job, Far from Being a Biblical Hero, Should Have Done More to Defend God’s Wrath

What’s the moral of the biblical story of Job?

My understanding of it has always been that it’s about a man who — despite all the horrible things that happen to him during his life — remains completely loyal to God. For that loyalty, he is later rewarded.

Apparently, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

On Bryan Fischer‘s show recently, he explained that the story is really all about how Job didn’t do enough to defend God’s wrath (around the 6:00 mark):

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