West Virginia Legislator Defends Abortion Restrictions Since Children Born of Rape Are “Beautiful”

When you have to defend your stance against legal abortion, it inevitably forces you to say really stupid things, because there’s just no decent way to explain why a woman who’s been raped should be forced to give birth to the child.

That didn’t stop West Virginia Delegate Brian Kurcaba (below) from giving it a shot, though.

Yesterday, while debating a bill that would ban legal abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, Kurcaba (a Republican, of course) waded in with this stunning line, according to Charleston Gazette reporter David Gutman:

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No, Ken Ham, Atheists Are Not Spreading Misinformation About Your Noah’s Ark Theme Park

We know Creationist Ken Ham is suing Kentucky officials because he claims they’re discriminating against his faith by revoking a tax subsidy worth up to $18,000,000.

He doesn’t seem to be aware of how he’s the one in the wrong because his for-profit business (the Ark Encounter theme park) was recruiting employees who were required to sign a statement of faith. You can receive tax rebates from the state or you can discriminate in hiring. Not both.

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Alcoholics Anonymous in Des Moines Won’t List Non-Religious Group’s Meeting Times in Its Master Schedule

Alcoholics Anonymous is a religious organization — several of its famous Twelve Steps reference God (though a Higher Power is an acceptable alternative).

One of the rules about forming AA groups is that you just need two people who have a desire to stop drinking and *boom*… you have a group!

In Des Moines, Iowa, the AA central office has a list of all the groups’ meetings in the area, but they left off the meetings of one group: The Broad Highway.

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Get Your Free “Vaccinate” Stickers

You know you want this sticker:

The Center For Inquiry will send you two of them for free (so you can give one to a friend) — all you have to do is fill out this form!

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Once Again, President Obama Defends Right to “Practice No Faith at All” at National Prayer Breakfast

I wish it wasn’t such a given to see the President of the United States speak at an event called the National Prayer Breakfast, but he did it again today. President Obama honored religious leaders and spoke about the importance and goodness of faith… before adding all the obvious ways faith is used to do horrific things:

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