Tecumseh School Board Debates Having Prayers at Meetings; Member Suggests Atheists Would Be Fine with Them

If you want to see ignorance at work, check out the conversation that took place between Tecumseh (Michigan) School Board members earlier this week when the idea of having religious prayers at meetings came up:

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A New Museum Devoted to Creationism Will Open Tomorrow in Idaho

I first heard about the Northwest “Science” “Museum” in 2011, but tomorrow, after several years in the works, its Vision Center will open up its doors to the public in Boise, Idaho.

As you can see from the promotional video below, the museum will show how “evolution is absurd” and explain the “catastrophic consequences of Darwinism. For example, Hitler and his Nazi regime could never have done what they did without the foundation of Darwinian evolution”:

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Should Babies Be Considered Atheists? Depends on Your Definition of the Word

Once again, Richard Dawkins is being criticized for something he never meant — by someone who’s actually on the same side as him.

On Twitter this week, Dawkins posted this perfectly sensible comment:

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Tallahassee Atheist Calls on City Commission To Do Away with Invocation Prayers

Wednesday night, during a meeting of the Tallahassee (Florida) City Commission, atheist Peter Wood called on the elected officials to do away with their invocation prayers:

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Richard Dawkins Isn’t Wrong to Call Religious Beliefs Childish

Richard Dawkins does what a lot of us atheists do: He calls out bullshit as he sees it. He’s not afraid of tipping over sacred cows. In the process, he gets a lot of criticism because, let’s face it, no one wants to be told they believe in a lie, and he’s the most high-profile atheist out there.

Deborah Orr, writing for the Guardian, is one of those critics (despite being an atheist herself). And her explanation of why Dawkins goes too far is just flawed in so many ways:

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