After FFRF Calls Out Football Team’s Mass Baptism, Pastor Wonders Why It’s “Illegal to Say I’m a Christian”

The other day, I posted about how a pastor from First Baptist Villa Rica church (in Georgia) conducted a mass baptism before Villa Rica High School’s football practice. It was on school property and it involved players and a coach.

Already, you should be able to spot multiple violations of the law.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the Carroll County School System a letter telling them to stop this immediately and the District said they’re looking into this.

In the meantime, the pastor who conducted the baptisms, Kevin Williams, is showing off just how ignorant he is by asking some incredibly idiotic questions, each one dumber than the last:

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14 Quick Takes on the Jailing of Kim Davis

1) I guess they didn’t let Kim Davis wear a crown of thorns in the mugshot.

2) Today is the first day Davis has an acceptable reason for not issuing marriage licenses.

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Christian Parents Angry That Their Kids Will Learn About Islam in School

If you’re in seventh grade, the Tennessee Board of Education says your social studies class must include discussion about what Islam teaches, how it spread throughout world history, and how Muslims have contributed to mathematics, art, literature, etc. Pretty basic stuff.

But a Christian group plans to hold a silent protest outside Vance Middle School in the city of Bristol today, because they don’t want their children to be indoctrinated in any of this “education” bullshit.

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Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Will Receive National Humanities Medal from President Obama

Now this is a neat and well-deserved honor, and it’s going to someone who calls herself a “proud atheist.”

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein will be receiving the National Humanities Award by President Obama for “bringing philosophy into conversation with culture.” She will be one of ten recipients.

Goldstein received praise yesterday from several secular organizations.

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In the U.S., 49% of Former Catholics Have Left Organized Religion for Good

Last week, the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service released a comprehensive survey of American Catholics, and we’re still getting reports on what they found.

The latest analysis focuses on where ex-Catholics go — to another religion or out of the game altogether? — and the answer won’t surprise you.

About half of the people who leave Catholicism become “Unaffiliated,” essentially saying goodbye to organized religion altogether:

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