Who Are These Students Not Participating in a Massive, Adult-Led Cafeteria Prayer?

Last month at Hollister Middle School in Missouri, this was the sight at lunchtime:


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Christian “Prophet” Fights Lion Because He Thinks God Will Save Him; Lion Bites His Ass Off

A self-proclaimed “prophet” thought God wanted to test his faith, so he decided to get in a battle with a lion. And the lion won.

You have to take this story with a grain of salt, but GhanaWeb reports that Prophet Alec Ndiwane‘s encounter took place at Kruger National Park in South Africa.


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West Virginia School Board Candidates Debate Teaching Creationism; This District is Doomed

The Putnam County Board of Education in West Virginia will have two open seats in the upcoming election, and three of the candidates vying for those spots participated in a forum last night for the editors of the Gazette-Mail.

For some reason, the topic of evolution vs. Creationism came up. And none of the three men — Bruce Knell, Sam Sentelle (incumbent), and Jack Coyner (incumbent) — took a firm stand on the side of science:


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Tennessee School Board May Block All After-School Clubs to Stop Gay-Straight Alliance from Meeting

If you ever wonder why it’s legal for public high schools to have Bible clubs, the answer is simple: The Equal Access Act.

Simply put, if a school allows the formation of any extra-curricular club (Chess club, Drama club, etc.), then officials can’t discriminate against a religious club, or a Secular Student Alliance, or a Young Republicans group.

That’s why the controversy over a Gay-Straight Alliance at Franklin County High School in Tennessee is so strange.

As soon as the group was announced, Christians began complaining about it, doing everything they could to gin up resentment against it. One man even said that a pro-ISIS club wouldn’t be far behind:


That was nearly a month ago and things haven’t gotten any better.

In fact, during a school board meeting this week, members considered the nuclear option:

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Christian Purity Site: Girls Who Dress Immodestly Reduce Their Own “Value and Respect”

The purity culture group Secret Keeper Girl posted an odd message for young women last week, comparing them to iPads and suggesting that Jesus won’t love them if they don’t cover up their bodies:

Here’s the original post in all its grammatical/format sloppiness:


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