You Mean the Ontological Argument Has Flaws?

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Here You Go, Indiana: Even More People You Can Now Discriminate Against Thanks to the Bible

Following Indiana Governor Mike Pence‘s disastrous interview on ABC’s This Week — as one online commenter noted, “The correct answer to a Yes or No question is not ‘George'” — and Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s powerful op-ed, it might be helpful to remind ourselves what’s really at stake with discriminatory “religious freedom” laws.

Thankfully, there’s a website that shows us exactly what the Bible doesn’t allow:

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Nicholas Kristof is Wrong: Evangelical Christians Have Done Plenty to Earn the Mockery Aimed in Their Direction

In the New York Times yesterday, Nicholas Kristof lamented the open mockery often aimed at evangelical Christians by performing an incredible bait-and-switch. He spent the bulk of his column profiling one example of an evangelical, Dr. Stephen Foster (below), who is doing incredible, selfless work in Angola:

Foster, the son and grandson of missionaries, has survived tangles with a 6-foot cobra and angry soldiers. He has had to make do with rudimentary supplies: Once, he said, he turned the tube for a vehicle’s windshield-washing fluid into a catheter to drain a patient’s engorged bladder.

Armed soldiers once tried to kidnap 25 of his male nurses, and when Foster ordered the gunmen off the property, he said, they fired Ak-47 rounds near his feet. He held firm, and they eventually retreated without the nurses.

Oh, by the way, this is where Dr. Foster raised his family.

No doubt Foster deserves our respect for that. More importantly, though, I can’t think of anyone who would ever disrespect someone who puts his life in harm’s way to help other people like that. How amazing is this guy?!

But to use him as an example of why evangelicals shouldn’t be mocked is profoundly disingenuous.

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Another Atheist Blogger Brutally Murdered in Bangladesh

Just over a month ago, writer Avijit Roy was killed by Muslim extremists in Bangladesh, where he was promoting his latest works at a book fair.

Today, another atheist blogger, Oyasiqur Rhaman (or Washiqur Rahman, below), was killed in the same horrific way, in the same country:

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Iowa Lawmaker Invites Wiccan Priestess to Deliver Invocation in State House

With so many stories on this site about non-Christians being denied the chance to deliver invocations at government meetings, it’s always nice to highlight an instance where it’s done right.

Iowa State Rep. Liz Bennett has invited Wiccan priestess Deborah Maynard (below) to give the opening invocation on April 9:

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