Mississippi is Losing a Fantastic Atheist Teacher and I Couldn’t Be More Excited

My friend and Patheos colleague Neil Carter is stepping away from his Mississippi classroom this year and transitioning into working for the secular movement.

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Josh Duggar is Lucky He Committed Forgivable Sins

The craziest thing about the Josh Duggar story is that Christians are probably more willing to forgive him for abusing his sisters and cheating on his wife than they would be if he came out as gay and wanted to be in a same-sex relationship:

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Nova Scotia Court Rules Against Preacher Who Gave Out Bible Tracts at Son’s School

More than five years ago, Sean Bonitto and his son stood outside the Park West School in Clayton Park, Nova Scotia, preaching the Bible and handing out Chick Tracts to children (many of whom were Muslim) telling them they will go to hell if they don’t accept Christ.

The school told him to stop, and Bonitto later sued the District saying this was a violation of his freedom of religious expression.

After a judge dismissed his lawsuit last year, Bonitto appealed the case. And yesterday, thankfully, Nova Scotia’s Court of Appeal agreed with the previous ruling.

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A Slight Change in Australia’s Census Could Lead to Major Change in Religious Demographics

In 2011, the last time Australia conducted its census, this is the way researchers asked people about their religion:

“No religion” is waaaaay at the bottom of the list, under the giant “Other” section, where it’s possible many people didn’t even see it.

That’s about to change.

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Standard & Poor’s Creates “Catholic Value Index” That Ignores the Pope’s Own Guidelines

Inspired by its Global Investable Shariah Index, designed to offer Muslim investors a set of Shariah-compliant investment solutions, financial services company Standard & Poor’s announced the creation of the first Catholics Values Index last week.

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