The Pointless Questions About God at the Democratic Debate Were Handled Well by Both Candidates

Last night, in a debate filled with questions about important policy issues, one questioner managed to throw in a couple of meaningless questions about God, basically asking both candidates to pander to her.

But I thought Bernie Sanders answered the question as well as anyone could have in his position.


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Two Brave Victims Share Their Stories of Being Sexually Abused by Catholic Priests

When we talk about the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal, it’s easy to think of the victims as fitting a certain profile or just being a number. We don’t always hear their individual stories or think about them as individuals.

Now, in a very compelling video for BuzzFeed, two of those victims — one man and one woman — share what happened to them. They talk about how the priests gained their trust before taking advantage of them.


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These Are the Adult Coloring Books Jesus Wants You to Use

Before boarding a plane in South Carolina yesterday, I was amused to see these in an airport gift shop:


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Those Near-Miss Lightning Strike Videos Are Fake and Here’s How We Know

Captain Disillusion debunks those viral videos of lightning in Australia nearly striking a car or a random woman on a beach are fakes.

I had an inkling they were fake, but I had no idea this is how it was done.


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Podcast Ep. 97: Kate Shellnutt, Associate Editor at Christianity Today

Our latest podcast guest is Kate Shellnutt, associate editor at Christianity Today magazine.


Kate helps run Christianity Today‘s social media accounts and also edits their popular site for women, cleverly called Her.meneutics. Before this, she worked as a web producer for the Houston Chronicle’s religion site. She’s a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned her masters in reporting and online journalism.

We spoke with Kate about how Christianity Today deals with hot-button issues, what a faith-based publication can bring to the table that secular outlets can’t, and how comedy and religion go hand-in-hand.

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