This Short Film About a Man Telling His Wife to Wear a Niqab in Public Has a Great Twist Ending

In a terrific short film called Farid in the West, a good-looking Middle Eastern man and his wife Nija move to a westernized country.

Before he heads out for a job interview, Farid reminds his wife not to go out in public without wearing her niqab. “I want people to see you for your mind, not as a piece of meat,” he tells her.

That doesn’t work out so well for either of them.

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Here’s Why the United States Isn’t a “Christian Nation”

YouTuber Counter Arguments unpacks the myth that the United States is a “Christian Nation“:

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The United Nations Defends Saudi Arabian Head of Human Rights Panel, with Good Reason

Earlier this week, media outlets began reporting that Faisal bin Hassan Trad, a representative from Saudi Arabia (of all places), had been appointed to a major leadership position for the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.

I repeat: Someone from a country known for its human rights abuses would now head up a panel for the Human Rights Council.

The panel Trad would head up has a lot of power when it comes to choosing human rights appointees anywhere in the world where the UN has a mandate.

The outrage was quick and harsh. You can understand why. After all, we’re talking about a nation that has killed more than 100 people this year alone, most by beheading. Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is also set to be beheaded and crucified very soon.

The wife of Raif Badawi, who is currently awaiting his 1,000-lashes punishment for insulting Islam, even said that the appointment was “a green light to start flogging [him] again.”

But in the past couple of days, we’ve received more information on what the United Nations was thinking.

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Kentucky School Board Discusses Putting “In God We Trust” Signs in Classrooms

In Kentucky, the Franklin County School Board was approached by a resident who wanted to offer teachers “In God We Trust” signs to hang in their classrooms.

They heard him out.. and then several board members did something shocking: They expressed their fervent support for church/state separation:

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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Mecca Crane Collapse Was the Result of Muslims “Praying to Satan”

Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who doubles as the host of his own paranoia-fueled “Pray In Jesus Name” talk show, explained on today’s episode that the crane collapse in Mecca earlier this morning was simply the result of Muslims “praying to Satan.”

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