I Don’t Know How This Christian Cross in La Crescent (MN) Got There, but It Needs to Go

The city of La Crescent, Minnesota has this dual cross/star structure sitting on government property. On Christmas, they light up the star. On Easter, they light up the cross. How do they get away with that promotion of Christianity?

Simple. No one ever called them out on it… until now.

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We’re Ignoring the Most Important Questions in a Controversial Circumcision Schism

When Heather Hironimus and Dennis Nebus split up, there was a looming question about whether or not they would circumcise their four-year-old son Chase. They both signed papers saying they would (Nebus would handle the scheduling and payments), but Hironimus had a change of heart afterwards… and ran away with the boy.

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Did You Enjoy the Pluto Flyover? Wait Till You Hear Dr. Carolyn Porco Talk About the Mission to Saturn

If you’ve been mesmerized over the past week with the Pluto flyover, take an hour of your time and listen to Dr. Carolyn Porco talk about the Cassini mission around Saturn. Porco is the leader of the Imaging Team for that mission.

She gave the talk at Imagine No Religion 5 conference in Vancouver last month:

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I Don’t Think That’s Your Target Audience…

Of all the places for Liberty University to advertise, I’m pretty sure this is the least useful:

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A Song About Letting Go of Your Imaginary Friends

Peter D’Angelo, a composer who normally creates music for TV and film, put together another nifty atheist-friendly rock song. This one’s called “Imaginary Friends”:

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