After Court Says Giant Cross Monument Does Not Promote Christianity, Humanist Group Files Appeal

If you visit Bladensburg, Maryland, you’ll see a 40-foot-tall World War I memorial called “Peace Cross.” Not only is it clearly a Christian symbol, it’s on public property, maintained by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission:

In 2012, the American Humanist Association asked the Commission to take down the monument. It was perfectly fine to honor veterans, they said, but not with a symbol that elevates one religion over all others and implies that only Christian soldiers fought in the war.

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That Explains God’s Power

Power of GodThumb

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Lesbian Couple Says Mormon Church is Still Trying to Discipline Them, Years After They Left

I’ve posted multiple times about a lawyer who’s helping thousands of ex-Mormons officially leave the Church for good. And every time, commenters ask the same questions: Why can’t you just leave? Why do you have to go through a lawyer? Why not just walk out and not look back?

The answer is simple: Unless you’re officially off their rolls, they’ll never stop harassing you. They’ll even enlist your friends and family members to bring you back. Without going through the formal process, your escape isn’t complete.

Now we have an example of that playing out.

Leisha and Amanda LaCrone were both raised in Mormon families, but Leisha thought she was excommunicated 15 years ago. Not that she cared — the lesbian couple has five children and they’re very happy. But Leisha recently received this letter in the mail:


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Billboard Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy Will Soon Go Up in Los Angeles

We talk a lot on this site about the idea of Disfellowshipping, where Jehovah’s Witnesses require followers to shun people who have left the faith, even if it’s their own children.

Scientology has something similar. It’s called Disconnection and it, too, has torn apart countless numbers of families.

But as of this morning, a fundraising campaign for a “Stop Scientology Disconnection” billboard on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles has reached its goal of $8,200:


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Planned Parenthood Shooter Says He Was Taking Part in a “Righteous Crusade”

Last November, Robert Lewis Dear walked into a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood with an “assault-style rifle” before killing three people and wounding nine. It wasn’t long before Ted Cruz attributed the attack to Dear being a “transgendered leftist activist.” A Colorado legislator said the shootings were the fault of… Planned Parenthood.

But it wasn’t long before we learned the real motive.

One of his ex-wives attributed the attack to his interpretation of Christianity, saying that “as long as he believes he will be saved, he [thinks he] can do whatever he pleases.”

We now have even more confirmation that he was motivated by divine guidance.

In a phone conversation with KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs, Dear explained how he was taking part in a “righteous crusade”:

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