Even Skeptics Can Suffer from Self Delusion

You all might remember Bill Mutranowski from his wonderful website AtheistCartoons.com (a couple of my favorites are below)…

Bill has just released his first book — not about cartoons — in which he discusses how even the skeptic community suffers from outmoded thinking about our self: [Read more...]

Feminist Catholics Want Church to ‘Ordain a Lady’

The Catholic Church doesn’t allow women to become priests. Because I guess the Bible and vaginas don’t mix. So hats off to the Women’s Ordination Conference for pushing for gender equality within the Church with this video:

[Read more...]

‘Let Reason Prevail’ Banner Stolen in Virginia

This is the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Let Reason Prevail” banner nearby a public Nativity scene in Manassas, Virginia a week before Christmas:

This is the same banner a few days ago: [Read more...]

Now, I’ve Done It; I Pissed Off the Catholic League

I’ve finally done it. I finally got Bill Donohue mad enough that he’s mentioned me in a Catholic League press release. [Read more...]

Sam Harris Tackles America’s Gun Problem

Sam Harris, who seems to start a controversy anytime he talks about something not directly related to atheism, is now talking about our country’s gun problem. [Read more...]