Jessica Ahlquist Interviewed at Playboy Mansion

Our friend Jessica Ahlquist recently received the “Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment” award for her successful lawsuit to take down a prayer mural at her public high school.

John Iadarola, host of TYT University, interviewed Jessica at the (*ahem*) scenic Playboy Mansion just after she received her award (video below is totally safe for work):

You know, Jessica was always a well-spoken young woman, but she’s really become fantastic at talking about religion without making other people get all defensive about it. That’s no easy task. [Read more...]

American Atheists Announces Winners of Inaugural EVOLVE Awards

American Atheists just announced the winners of their inaugural “EVOLVE Awards” which are given to people who “portray atheists or atheism positively.”

I’m on the list and there’s some very good company there, too. I think the world of the organization so it’s a thrill to be honored by them.

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How Atheist Groups Can Help Boy Scout Troops As Churches Abandon Them

The First Baptist Church of Helena (Alabama) used to host meetings for a local Boy Scouts of America troop… but now that the BSA has allowed gay people to join their ranks, the church has kicked out the troop that met in their space:

Here’s Pastor Greg Walker from that clip:

It’s hard for us on a personal level to say to a troop of young boys who have done nothing wrong, and to the leaders who have done nothing wrong in Helena, you’re not welcome to be here anymore… I didn’t make that decision. Boy Scouts of America made that decision… I hate that this had to happen, I really do.

That’s obviously a lie…

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Introducing The Hotline Project: For Those Who Need To Talk To Someone About Their Religious Doubts

Ever since I heard about this project more than a month ago, I’ve been excited it share it with all of you. We know becoming an atheist rarely happens overnight — for more of us, it’s the result of a lot of introspection or conversations with trusted friends. But what happens when you don’t have anyone to talk to? What if you’re a church-goer who doesn’t really have any non-religious friends? What if you’re a teenager whose parents are very religious? What if you’re a pastor?

That’s where The Hotline Project comes in. It was started by the folks at Recovering from Religion and it’ll offer a single phone number where anyone having religious doubts can call in — 24 hours a day! — to talk to a trained, trusted individual.

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Adam Pascal, Who Played Roger in Rent, Talks About His Atheism

Adam Pascal originated the role of “Roger” in the hit Broadway musical “Rent” and he recently filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life.

In the segment below, Pascal talks about how “No Day But Today” — a message repeated throughout the musical — really takes on special meaning when you don’t believe in the afterlife:

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