Why is the Sign Outside a Texas Public Library Promoting Christianity?

Of all the things a public library should be advertising, Christianity isn’t on the list. But that’s what been going on in Odem, Texas, where the Odem Public Library has advertised two separate Christian events:

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This Christian Leadership Conference Has to Be a Joke

Guess what these Christian pastors have in common?

Perry Noble, who calls Christians “jackasses” if they want a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Steven Furtick, who refuses to reveal how much money he makes even to his own congregation because he claims Jesus doesn’t want him to.

Mark Driscoll, who shamed his pregnant wife for having fooled around with a guy when she was in high school, complained about our “pussified nation,” and belittled a Christian radio host whose wife was pastor of his church.

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South African Bus Driver Fired After Leading Passengers in Prayer During Rides

A bus driver in Cape Town, South Africa was fired (despite a warning) after he was leading passengers in prayer during every journey.

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Sen. David Vitter, Who Told His Escort Mistress to Abort Their Love Child, Says Gays Are Ruining Marriage

Louisiana Senator David Vitter, the conservative Christian who was embroiled in a sex scandal years ago in which he saw an escort for years and allegedly told her to abort their love child, now says gay people are ruining the sanctity of marriage.

Vitter, who’s currently running for Governor, made the comments on Thursday during a speech at the Jefferson Baptist Church:

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This is the Mormon Whose Resignation Letter Was Read Aloud by Comedian Lewis Black

Last Sunday in Oklahoma City, comedian Lewis Black read a letter written by an 18-year-old who officially resigned from the Mormon Church. A video of that reading was uploaded on Thursday, where it’s been viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook alone.

Now we know who’s behind that letter.

His name is Trevor Sepulvida, he’s been an atheist for two years, and he submitted his resignation to the Mormon Church on midnight of November 4, the day he turned 18. One of the ways he celebrated was to share his frustration with Lewis Black.

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