See, This is Why the Evolution vs. Creationism Debate is a Bad Idea

It leads to headlines like this one on the front page of today’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

Bible! Science! Who will win?

But there are a few problems with that attention-getting text:

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The Bible: Now with 75% Less Bible

Suppose you want to read the Bible… but you don’t really want to read the Bible. It’s long. It has a few too many “begats.” You don’t want to get bogged down by unnecessary details.

William Pocock has a solution for that. He condensed the Bible down to the good stuff and wrote it plain English. It’s called Bobo’s Bible:

In the excerpt below, we learn about the trouble with Cain and Abel:

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Secular Australian Group Apologizes for Creationist Ken Ham

In anticipation of Tuesday’s debate between Creationist Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Secular Coalition of Australia (SECOA) wants to send a message to Bill:

They’re sorry.

Really, really sorry.

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This is Why Elevation Church is the Best Place to Work

Yesterday, the Museum Of Idolatry blog posted an image listing the reasons Elevation Church — home of Pastor Steven “No One Can Know My Salary” Furtick — is the best place to work. While most of the list is what you’d expect from a church, some of the items reek of Pastor Worship.

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North Carolina High School Football Coach Has To Be Told to Stop Baptizing Players

Here’s a question for you: Why would a high school football team’s Twitter feed include a picture of a mass baptism… followed by someone thanking the team’s coach for his faith and leadership?

And why would that same coach lead his team in a rally that ends with, “Let’s thank the big guy in the sky”?

Answer: Because Coach Hal Capps of Mooresville High School in North Carolina doesn’t seem to know the difference between church and the workplace.

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