Atheist at Brigham Young University Leaves School and Submits Resignation Letter to Church

Earlier this month, Curtis Penfold was a student at Brigham Young University hiding his doubts about faith. But last week, he submitted his resignation letter to the Mormon church (and therefore BYU) and posted it publicly for all to see.

It all began when Curtis’ stake (kind of like the head of a local Catholic diocese) summoned him into his office after receiving, from an anonymous source, a collection of Curtis’ online writings — like a post he wrote claiming the LDS church was sexist:

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College Atheists Place ‘God Graveyard’ on Campus: 200 Tombstones of Gods We No Longer Worship

Last month, the University of North Georgia Skeptics Society created a “Graveyard of the Gods.” It featured the tombstones of a number of ancient gods we now consider mythological. It also raised an important question: What’s stopping Allah and Yahweh from joining the mix?

Yesterday, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison took that concept a step further. They placed 200 tombstones on a well-traveled part of campus and implored students to think about when their particular god was going to join the mix:

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This is Why Skeptics Shouldn’t Make Horror Movies

We wouldn’t follow any of the scary movie tropes:

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Church Shaped Like a Flaccid Penis Adds a Fig Leaf…

Earlier today, Terry Firma posted about the new Christian Science church in Dixon, Illinois. The church takes on a rather unfortunate shape when viewed from above…

It now appears that the church staff has caught on to what everyone’s laughing about.

On Facebook, they indicated that they were onto the joke and that a giant fig leaf (a la Adam in the Garden of Eden) would be coming, whatever that meant…

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My Horoscope Is Uncannily Accurate

How does The Onion always know what to put down for my horoscope?!

(Thanks to Alan for the link)

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