The Satanic Temple’s Baphomet Statue Unveiling Marred by Threats

When the Ten Commandments statue was sitting on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds, The Satanic Temple built a monument to counter it. It was a nearly-9-foot-tall, bronze, goat-headed Baphomet, sitting cross-legged and flanked by two smiling kids:

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Little Boy Saves Goat from Religious Slaughter in Nepal

In Nepal, where animals are sacrificed for religious rituals on a regular basis, this video of a child trying to save one goat has gone viral on Facebook:

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In Old Video, Christian Evangelist Tells Students Not to Get Blown

Christian evangelist Dr. Jerry R. Johnston would like to remind you not to get blown after the assemblay:

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A Glimpse inside The Satanic Temple, Courtesy of the New York Times

It’s always nice to see the media pay attention to groups that are causing headaches for the Religious Right. Mark Oppenheimer of the New York Times had a piece over the weekend about The Satanic Temple, offering a few more details about the group know mostly known for its scary name and its ability to parrot religious claims in a way conservatives never intended:

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Missouri County Officials Will Fly Flags at Half-Staff to Mourn the Marriage Equality Ruling

Usually, when local governments fly flags at half-staff, it’s because someone notable died, like a President or Governor, or because there was some awful tragedy in the community.

None of those explain why the three Christian commissioners in Dent County, Missouri decided to lower the flags at the local Courthouse and Judicial Building for the next twelve months:

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