This Is What Religious Indoctrination Looks Like, Courtesy of a Christian Summer Camp

When little children throw their hands in the air, stream tears down their faces, and attempt to speak in tongues at the behest of adults around them, is it out of sincere religious conviction or peer pressure?

The correct answer is: Who cares; You should be horrified by this:

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Mass Shootings Occur Because the Killers Don’t Believe in the Afterlife, Says Writer Who Makes Shit Up

Why do people commit mass murders or suicide? Is it because of violent video games? Music? Their parents? Mental illness?

No, none of that stuff gets to the root of the problems, writes Megan Glavin in the Seattle Times. But don’t worry; she’s figured it all out:

our culture has abandoned a collective belief in ultimate accountability — the belief that one’s actions on Earth are somehow tied to one’s experience after physical death.

Ultimate accountability asserts that it does not matter if the evil a person does on Earth is never seen nor detected, and it does not matter if one commits suicide after committing evil. There is still judgment of some kind, and consequences to face, in eternity.

So… mass shootings happen because the killers don’t believe in the afterlife.

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How do the Scientists Not Know This Yet?

Last month, Christian Joshua Feuerstein made a video that went viral for all the wrong reasons. The ungrammatically titled “Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes!” was just an awful attempt to “disprove” evolution.

The only thing worse than his logic was the orientation of his camera.

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Another Compilation of Christopher Hitchens’ Best Comebacks

This is another video in a series of Christopher Hitchens‘ best comebacks. You can see previous editions here, here, and here.

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Woman Lets Jesus Take the Wheel… and Nearly Kills Motorcyclist

A couple of years ago, someone created this Facebook event page:

I thought it was funny because no one in their right mind would actually do such a thing. Let Jesus take the wheel? Never!

But that’s literally what someone just did in Fort Wayne, Indiana — and driver Prionda Hill nearly killed a motorcyclist as a result:

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