There’s Finally a Church for People Who Are “Spiritual, but Not Religious”

When people tell you they’re “spiritual, but not religious,” it’s often a wishy-washy way of saying they don’t really believe in God, but they also don’t want to carry the negative stigma of being an atheist. It’s a catchall phrase that ultimately means nothing.

Or so I thought. The folks at College Humor managed to find a church catering to all the people in that category. The pastor clearly knows what his congregation is looking for:


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Harlem Hate-Pastor Fails to Explain How Starbucks Gets Enough Semen to Put in All the Drinks

Hate-pastor James David Manning appeared on The Daily Show the other night to talk about his views on homosexuality and the loss of his church.

But the best part was reporter Jessica Williams quizzing him on how, exactly, Starbucks manages to get enough semen to put in all the coffee.


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This is Why I Just Walk Past Street Preachers

This conversation never goes well, does it?


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Her Evangelical Christian Faith Turned Her Into a Liberal

Susie Meister was a young Republican who helped George W. Bush get into the White House. She worked under the assumption that the Republican Party was the best vessel for her evangelical Christian faith.

Now, in a piece at Medium, she explains how her faith made her a liberal:


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Florida City Promotes Jesus as a Way to Help Prisoners Re-Enter Society

In a photo essay for the New York Times, Fred R. Conrad gives us a glimpse into the city of Gadsden, Florida, where poverty, dropout, and crime rates are high and the wall between church and state is so low that it no longer exists:


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