Tennessee Church Kicked Out of Baptist Association for Electing Female Pastor

The Greater Tabernacle Church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee just got kicked out of the Lawrence County Association of Baptists. It’s a serious matter since they could now lose their building. The deed says the space is only available to the congregation as long as they’re members of the Baptist association in good standing.

What horrible thing did they do to get kicked out of the association?

They voted for a woman to be their new pastor.

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These Quotations Are Definitely Real Because They Appear in an Image

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver pointed out how politicians love quoting the Founding Fathers… even when they’re getting it completely wrong.

So to help facilitate the nonsense — because why not? — they set up a website called Definitely Real Quotes with ready-made images to share on social media.

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God Finally Feels Some Remorse Over the Genocide

He really is an irresponsible God, isn’t He…?

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The Problems with Catholic Hospitals

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the problems with Catholic hospitals:

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To Solve Zambia’s Economic Woes, Its President Asked Nation to Pray and Fast

The nation of Zambia is in major economic trouble, with a collapsed currency, shortage of power, and food prices higher than ever.

But don’t worry. The government has figured out a way to fix the problem. On Saturday, President Edgar Lungu asked the nation to pray and fast:

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