The Importance of Asking Questions in Church

My friend David Hayward has been drawing cartoons for years now about the problems within Christian culture.

He just released a new book about the importance of asking questions and reflecting on your own beliefs. It’s called Questions Are The Answer:

In the excerpt below, Hayward explains what happened to his former church once people started asking tough questions and things began to unravel:

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Atheists Will Understand These Awkward Conversations

The struggles are real, y’all.

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Making a Murderer Is All About the Importance of Following the Evidence Where It Leads

If you’re looking for something to do over the holiday weekend, I suggest binge-watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. (The first episode is available on YouTube.)

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A Lovely Cover of Tim Minchin’s “White Wine in the Sun”

Is there any way to make Tim Minchin‘s “White Wine in the Sun” an even more beautiful song?

Maybe not, but Shelley Segal gets pretty damn close in this cover:

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Remembering the Bangladeshi Bloggers Killed for Their Criticism of Religion

One of the most significant stories of 2015 was the death of several Bangladeshi atheists (and people connected to them) by Islamic radicals.

The Dissident blog — a product of the Swedish PEN society — has a collection of articles, poetry, and illustrations relating to the murders in a special issue:

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