Louisiana Courthouse Hosts Pro-Christian Signs from Government Agencies

If you visit the Jackson Parish Courthouse in Jonesboro, Louisiana, you’ll see several signs celebrating the holidays put up by local government offices, and they include these blatantly unconstitutional ones that explicitly promote Christianity:


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ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital for Selectively Choosing Which Women Can Have Tubal Ligations

As we’ve said on this site many times before, Catholic hospitals are more interested in following arbitrary faith-based rules than doing what’s best for patients.

One of the best examples is a tubal ligation procedure. If you’re a woman who’s giving birth and you’re having a C-section, you might decide that you’re also done having kids and you’d like to have your tubes tied so there are no unplanned pregnancies in the future.


The doctor is already performing surgery, so performing a tubal ligation actually lets you kill two birds with one stone. It’s a safe procedure. Medical professionals even say that if you want your tubes tied, doing it during a C-section is a good idea because it doesn’t require an additional surgery.

But none of that matters to the bishops who control these hospitals. Sterilization runs contrary to God’s Will, so such procedures are denied, even if it’s in the best interests of the patients.

Now, the ACLU is suing Dignity Health in California because its client, Rebecca Chamorro, was denied a tubal ligation at Mercy Medical Center, putting her at risk if she were to have another child. Their lawsuit says California law trumps the religious whims of hospital administrators:

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This Child Snuck a Pro-Gay Message Into a Mormon Magazine for Kids

The Mormon Church has a magazine for children called Friend, which has an online art gallery so kids can send in their drawings. Most of them involve the birth of Jesus, Joseph Smith, or an image of a temple, but one child may have snuck in a hidden message.

9-year-old Breanna H. sent in this drawing that reads “You are a child of God!”


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Creationist Kent Hovind: The Contradictions in the Bible Exist to “Weed Out” the Atheists

Creationist Kent Hovind admitted in a video this week that there are indeed contradictions in the Bible… but they’re all part of God’s plan to throw atheists off the scent and bring together the True Believers.


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Georgia Pastafarian Will Have to Retake Driver’s License Photo Without the Colander on His Head

In November, Chris Avino visited his local DMV in Georgia, where (after a few phone calls) he renewed his drivers license while wearing the traditional Pastafarian colander:


Recently, however, he received a letter in the mail saying that his head covering had been deemed impermissible. He would need to take a new picture without the pasta strainer within 10 days:

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