Science as the Ultimate Spoiler Alert

Have you ever been obsessed with a TV show but missed an episode? You go crazy trying to avoid spoilers, refusing to visit certain websites or talk to certain people. You’ll do anything to block out mentions of the show. You’re happy in your ignorance for the time being.

I imagine that’s what life is like for everyone at Answers in Genesis, all the time. Science is the ultimate spoiler alert and they don’t want their show to be ruined.

At least it would explain how this passage got through Creationist Ken Ham‘s latest article questioning how important evolution actually is:

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Bill O’Reilly: Christians Are Being Killed in America… Verbally

John Stossel appeared on TV with Bill O’Reilly last night to talk about the non-existent War on Christians…

In a pleasant twist, though, the lack of persecution is exactly the point Stossel made to a host who doesn’t often get challenged on this issue.

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Canadian Supreme Court Unanimously Rules Against Prayer at Government Meetings in Quebec Town

For a while now, we’ve been following the Saguenay prayer case.

To summarize, Alain Simoneau, who lives in Saguenay (Quebec), challenged the opening prayers at his city government’s meetings. The province’s human rights tribunal agreed that religious prayers violated the law, but the Court of Appeal reversed the ruling, putting the matter in the hands of the national Supreme Court.

But today, eight years after the initial challenge, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Simoneau (and non-religious Canadians everywhere), putting an end to religious invocations in Saguenay. (This is a big freakin’ deal.)

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Here’s How to Respond to the Anti-Gay “Day of Dialogue”

Tomorrow marks the annual Focus on the Family-sponsored “Day of Dialogue” in which participants can tell their LGBT classmates why they’re going to hell. (It’s a Christian response to the Day of Silence which takes place on Friday.)

This is the card they will be handing out this year:

As I’ve posted before, Zach Moore created a fantastic parody of an older version of the card and I’m thrilled to repost it here:

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Christian Pastor Condemns Colleague for Not Wanting Gay People Put to Death

Apparently, some guy requested that his website be removed from anti-gay Pastor Steven Anderson‘s church directory — I guess he didn’t want to be associated with Anderson’s brand of hate speech — and that pissed off Anderson’s doppelgänger, Pastor David Berzins of Word of Truth Baptist Church.

Berzins went on a rant about how that guy did the whole Christian world a disservice with his request. Because, really, what’s the big deal about stoning homosexuals?

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