I’ll Never See a Nativity Scene the Same Way Again…

… because it turns out Christians have been sneaking two dinosaurs into their displays this whole time:

(via Richard Wiseman)

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This Weekend: Chicago’s Sunday Assembly Meets Again

I’m excited to announce that the Sunday Assembly (a.k.a. “Atheist Church”) in Chicago will hold its second gathering this weekend. It’ll take place Sunday afternoon, from 11:30a-12:30p at Murphy Elementary School.

The event is free, no RSVP is needed, and best of all, there will be childcare provided!

For up-to-the-minute information, be sure to follow the group’s Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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A Conversation with Former NFL Punter and ‘Cheerful Agnostic’ Chris Kluwe Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, David Viviano of Atheist Hangouts will host a live conversation with former Minnesota Vikings punter and LGBT-rights activist Chris Kluwe:

Kluwe, who will be appearing at the American Atheists convention in Salt Lake City in April, is also the author of the hilariously-titled Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies:

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A Pastor Responds to a Question About Prayer in Schools with an Unusually Excellent Answer

Usually, when I link to an advice column, it’s because the advice-giver said something so completely wrong, it’s deserves mocking. When the advice column is written by a religious figure, the odds of that happening are even greater. (Think Rev. Billy Graham‘s column.)

But Rev. Jason Peterson, writing for the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper, had such a fantastic response to the question “How should Christians approach the question of school prayer?” that it’s worth our attention. Instead of arguing about those damned liberal hippie Communist atheists who took prayer out of our schools, Peterson gives us proper background on the issue and offers a very reasonable approach for Christians to follow:

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West Virginia House Unanimously Passes ‘Day of Prayer’ Bill

West Virginia Delegate Peggy Smith (below) just got a bill through the state House establishing the first Thursday in May as the “West Virginia Day of Prayer” (to coincide with the National Day of Prayer):

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