Generation Atheist is Free This Weekend

My friend Dan Riley wrote a book a while back called Generation Atheist. It’s a collection of true stories about people who transitioned from godly to godless.

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Texas Governor Orders Atheist Display Removed from State Capitol (but the Nativity Can Stay)

Because the Texas State Capitol has an open forum for holiday displays, here’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up to counter the Nativity scene:

That’s the Bill of Rights flanked by Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the Statue of Liberty. The display also featured this sign:

Just to reiterate: This was an open forum. FFRF applied for the space, just like everyone else, and they were given a green light.

That is, until yesterday, when Governor Greg Abbott ordered the whole thing to be removed.

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“Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” Sign Goes Up in Warren, Michigan

If you’re visiting Warren, Michigan this week, be sure to check out this banner that reads “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.”

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This Video Explains What the “War on Christmas” is Really About

Is there a War on Christmas? Of course not. At least not the kind conservative Christians claim is taking place.

But there is a change happening, and this video gives you a fantastic overview of why so many Christians are upset:

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Free Speech Coalition Asks Secretary of State John Kerry to Help At Risk Bloggers in Bangladesh

The head of the PEN American Center — the group that gave the Charlie Hebdo staff a Freedom of Expression Courage Award earlier this year despite pushback from many members — along with several other groups are now asking Secretary of State John Kerry to “provide humanitarian parole for a limited number of high-profile Bangladeshi secularists at imminent risk of attack.” Humanitarian parole is basically a way to circumvent normal regulations and get someone into the United States due to a “compelling emergency.”

It’s a tremendous showing of support for critics of religion in Bangladesh, many of whom remain on a hit list following the brutal deaths of five writers and publishers over the course of the year.

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