Young People Aren’t Leaving Christianity Just Because They’re Apathetic About Faith

Adam Ford, a Christian cartoonist, made this comic that I’ve seen several people sharing online:

The full strip is here and you should read the whole thing to understand his perspective.

In short, it acknowledges what the studies have been showing: Christianity is losing people while the “Nones” are growing. But Ford suggests that the shift has everything to do with people who never really cared about religion one way or another — the “cultural” Christians — and simply use whatever label is most convenient at the time.

There’s probably some truth to that. But I think Ford dismisses a very real concern that Christians ought to have: Not everybody leaving the faith is simply apathetic about faith.

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A YouTube Introduction to Street Epistemology

I’ve posted a number of videos by Anthony Magnabosco on this site, in which he speaks to strangers about their religious beliefs for just few minutes and then deconstructs the whole conversation afterwards.

Now, Socrates Jones has offered a lengthier introduction to how you can do this sort of “street epistemology” yourself:

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India College Will Now Accept Openly Transgender and Atheist Students

This is pretty neat, especially in a country known for its traditional and cultural norms: India’s Jorhat College (Amalgamated) will now accept openly transgender and atheist students, becoming one of the first schools of its kind to do so (if not the first):

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Facebook Page Has Been Hacked

Quick note. The Facebook page for this site (along with my personal page) has been hacked. I’ve gone through the motions to regain access to it, but the security settings say I have to wait 24 hours to get back on. If you know anything else I should be doing right now (or know someone at [Read More…]

Christian Pastor Claims to Resurrect Man from the Dead, but Man’s Sister Tells a Different Story

This story has been messing with my head for the past several days for reasons you’ll understand in a moment, but I figured I should go ahead and post this now.

Pastor Robby Dawkins — no relation to Richard — was preaching in England several weeks ago when he saw something horrifying just as he took the stage: Matt Catlow, a member of the congregation, began twitching and convulsing. His pupils dilated. His pulse stopped. His mother was screaming for an ambulance.

According to an article on the Christian website Charisma, that’s when Dawkins took action:

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