The Top Ten Atheist News Stories of 2015

In a year full of news stories in which religion played a role, which ones most affected the atheist community in a unique way?

My list is below. Let the debate begin.

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Podcast Ep. 86: Dr. Ken Miller, Expert Witness in Kitzmiller v. Dover

Our latest podcast guest is Dr. Ken Miller, the expert witness for the pro-science side in the Kitzmiller v. Dover case which gutted the Intelligent Design movement. Today marks the tenth anniversary of that decision.

Dr. Miller is a Professor of Biology at Brown University and the co-author of a Biology textbook used in schools across the country. He’s also the author of Finding Darwin’s God and Only a Theory.

I spoke with him about whether evolution advocates can finally relax, how a Roman Catholic like himself reconciles science and faith, and the effect of Creationist propaganda on science literacy.

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Ben Carson Bravely Says “Merry Christmas” So I Guess the Terrorists Have Lost

On Friday afternoon, Dr. Ben Carson decided to take his campaign to the next level by making a bold declaration on Facebook:

Wow! He’s not afraid to say “Merry Christmas”!

I guess that proves he has the courage to tackle ISIS now…

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A Compilation of A.C. Grayling’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s an excellent compilation of A.C. Grayling‘s best arguments and comebacks.

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Secular Bill of Rights Display Counters Nativity Scene on Grundy County (IL) Courthouse Lawn

The Grundy County Courthouse in Illinois has long had a Nativity scene up on the front lawn, leading to warnings from church/state separation groups over the past two years. This year, in order to avoid a lawsuit, county officials opened up the forum to anyone who requested a display. Which is why you’ll now see a large menorah, an interfaith banner (on the way), and a secular Bill of Rights display:

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