Mark Driscoll: You Can Have a Brain; Just Don’t Use It

I actually agreed with Driscoll for the first seven words… [Read more...]

Refrain from Sex so You Can Have All the Sex

It never made sense.

Islam is such a sex-negative religion, yet the afterlife is all about giving men an assortment of virgins to sleep with… [Read more...]

I’m Commissioning Longform Articles About the Atheism World

It’s a new year and I’m trying to experiment with a few things on this site… [Read more...]

They Must Not Teach Probability in Seminary School…

Fr. Alfonse Nazzaro of the St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas is a Catholic priest with a blog, and he has a post up about how atheists don’t believe in God because we had bad childhoods or really want to sin…

He’s wrong, but I don’t even care about any of that.

It’s this part that infuriates me (italics his):

… Even [atheists] still buy a lottery ticket, while at the same time denying any chance in heaven that God exists.

What chance is there of winning the Powerball or Mega millions lottery? One in a billion. What chance is there of God existing? Fifty-fifty. After all, either God exists or He doesn’t. But if he does and I believe, then I just won the jackpot!

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A French Expatriate’s Article on Atheists in America

This is a guest post by Hélène Crié-Wiesner. She is a French expat living in North Carolina and this article was originally published in Long Cours, a French-language magazine filled with unique, lengthy dispatches from reporters based all around the world.

Note: All URLs below are my own additions, because I thought they’d be helpful. Portions of the translated piece have been edited for clarity. [Read more...]