If Anti-Evolution Arguments Were Taken Seriously, This Would Totally Happen

Ever wonder what happens to people who post anti-evolution comments on Facebook…?

Well, here’s what those commenters probably think should happen:


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Belief in an Angry God Helped Civilizations Grow, Says Evolutionary Biologist

How have societies flourished in various parts of the world?

A new book by evolutionary biologist Dominic Johnson says that God has a lot to do with it.

He isn’t saying that God exists, but rather that the idea of God can scare people into working with strangers who believe the same way, allowing a civilization to grow.


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Bryan Fischer: Politicians Should Pass a Test Administered by David Barton Before Taking Office

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer agreed with a caller this week who said government lawyers should have to take a class taught by Pseudo-historian David Barton before they get hired.

Fischer actually took it farther, saying that rule should apply to members of Congress as well. They should have to pass a test administered by Barton’s organization before they take their seats.

That’s David Barton. The guy whose book about Thomas Jefferson was pulled off the shelves by his own Christian publishers due to all the inaccuracies.


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The Number of Victims of Female Genital Mutilation is Much Higher Than We Thought

Well, this will ruin your day.

We’ve been underestimating the number of females who are victims of genital mutilation. By at least 70,000,000.


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Mormon Author Whose “CES Letter” Helped Many Leave the Faith Now Faces Excommunication

Jeremy Runnells, the author of the viral Mormon phenomenon known as the CES Letter, is facing an LDS Church disciplinary council and very possible ex-communication.

It has been more than two-and-a-half years since Jeremy published the document asking a director of the LDS Church Educational System (CES) for clarification of Church history that he found disturbing.


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