Dutch Politician’s TV Broadcast of Muhammad Cartoons Postponed After “Misunderstanding”

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician perhaps best known for his criticisms of Islam. He made a short film called Fitna in 2008, has equated the Qur’an to Mein Kampf, suggested banning the Qur’an, and called for a tax on Muslim women who wanted to wear a hijab, and wants a halt on Muslim immigrants into his country. Unlike many critics of Islam who focus solely on bad ideas, Wilders wants to enact policies to make life worse for peaceful Muslims, since they’re perpetuating a faith he thinks must be stopped.

Yesterday, in his latest attempt to stick it to Islam, Wilders was going to broadcast cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad on Dutch TV — during Ramadan. (How was this even possible? Because his nation’s laws allow “anything to be shown during a party political broadcast” and he’s an elected official.)

The three-minute video was based on images shown at last month’s Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, which eventually turned deadly.

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Have Scientists Figured Out How to Stop the Poaching of Rhinos or Will They Just Make the Problem Worse?

As a vegetarian, the idea of artificial meat is fascinating to me. If scientists could make fake meat that looked, smelled, and tasted like the real thing, perhaps it would lead to less cruelty against living animals.

Then you think about what’s happening to South African rhinos. They’re being killed off for their horns, because people in China and Vietnam use them in “designer party drugs” and marketed as a potential cure for cancer. So superstition and irrational thinking is pushing this species to the brink of extinction.

But scientists may have discovered a way to stop the bleeding.

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A Former President of Atheist Alliance of America Has Died of Cancer

Yesterday afternoon, we lost a wonderful atheist leader.

Chuck VonDerAhe, a former President of Atheist Alliance of America, died after a battle with cancer. He was 66 years old. Christine Shellska, AAA’s current President, said that Chuck bequeathed his estate to the organization.

A science-advocate till the end, his body will be donated to a local university for research purposes.

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The Hierarchy of Religious Beliefs

Step aside, Maslow.

Crispian Jago created a hierarchy of religious beliefs, from the most harmless at the bottom to the most harmful at the top. He argues you can’t make your way up the pyramid without hitting all the levels below first:

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Ohio Grocery Chain Removes “Sweet Baby Jesus” Beer from Shelves After Customer Complaints

Baltimore-based DeClaw Brewing has a variety of beers with fantastic-sounding names.

Like Sweet Baby Jesus (a reference to Talladega Nights):

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