South Australia May Eliminate Swearing in on the Bible in a Courtroom

South Australia is considering a plan to get rid of religious oaths in the courtroom.

No longer would you have to say “So help me God” before testifying. Instead, the South Australian Law Reform Institute has suggested that all citizens simply be asked if they promise to be honest:


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In Taped Conversation, Christian Pastor Argues with Cop Over Trespassing Laws

Arizona law makes clear that trespassing on someone’s property is illegal with varying punishments depending on the severity of the crime. If someone makes it clear they don’t want you to knock on their door, you can’t do it. It’s that simple.

That’s what a cop wanted to explain to Christian hate-Pastor Steven Anderson, after a resident complained that members of his church had trespassed on his property while proselytizing door to door.

Anderson wasn’t having any of it, though. In a taped conversation which he posted on YouTube, he explained to the cop that the Bible trumped any law created by man, so he was going to knock on every door he wanted to, “No Trespassing” signs be damned. It’s apparent that Anderson gets off on the idea of being a Christian martyr, to the point where he was even daring the cop to arrest him.


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Ten Commandments Sign in Mississippi Courthouse Will Be Replaced with “In God We Trust” Banner

If you were to walk into the Itawamba County Courthouse in Mississippi anytime before last week, you’d see this sign hanging front and center:


It’s not part of some historical display. It’s just a giant sign that says non-Christians aren’t going to get a fair shake under the law.

That’s why the Freedom From Religion Foundation recently pointed out the illegality of the sign, and they announced yesterday that the courthouse would be removing the sign.

But they’re replacing it with a banner that reads “In God We Trust.” Which is *totally* not religious in any way, shape, or form.

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After Kansas Post Office Removes Religious Sign, Residents (Fail to) Get Back at Atheists

A few days ago, I posted about how a “God Bless America” sign outside the post office in Pittsburg, Kansas had been taken down after the Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out (on behalf of a resident) that it was essentially government endorsement of religion.


That didn’t sit over well with residents, so they decided to fight back in a way that has conservatives cheering. The website Twitchy used the clickbait-y headline, “Atheists Bully Small Town to Remove God Bless America Flag, What Happens Next Will Lift Your Spirits.”

What exactly did the people of the town do?

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Christian Hate Pastor: Gays Can’t Have My Church Until They Give Birth to Kids Through Their Anus

Now that hate-pastor James David Manning is on the verge of losing his church over unpaid debts, it looks like he’s saying anything he can before his 15 minutes expires.

And the fact that the Ali Forney Center, a place for homeless LGBT youth, may purchase his building is only sending him more quickly over the edge.


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