Arguments Against Gay Marriage… and Their Rebuttals

Jason Wakefield has a fantastic article in the latest issue of New Humanist magazine about the arguments against gay marriage and why they’re all wrong. It may not be anything you haven’t heard before, but it’s always nice to have an easy reference to send to conservative Christians/homophobes: [Read more...]

Christian Writer: I Don’t Know How Old the Earth Is… So Let’s Just Say God Did It

Here’s a question Bible-believe Christians have to wrestle with at some point in their lives: Should you take Genesis literally?

In other words, was life really created in a few days, a few thousand years ago, or was it created (as scientists will tell you) over billions of years? [Read more...]

Once Again, Dennis Markuze/David Mabus Has Been Arrested

In August of 2011, notorious death-threat-spammer-of-atheists Dennis Markuze (a.k.a. David Mabus) was arrested by police in Montreal, Canada. [Read more...]

In Case You Were Looking for Some Atheist Headgear…

Mab Ryan crocheted these nifty atheist-themed beanies. They look like great gifts for that special atheist in your life :) [Read more...]

Dartmouth Atheist Group Holds Anti-Mother Teresa Event

If your campus group wants to stir up controversy, the Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics at Dartmouth has the way to do it: Go after Mother Teresa: [Read more...]