“In God We Trust” Will Go Up in Mitchell (SD) City Hall; Mayor Tells Atheists “Don’t Look At It”

When it comes to putting the phrase “In God We Trust” in city council chambers or on law enforcement vehicles, there’s an unstated rule that says the reason for doing this is to display our nation’s motto. Promoting religion is the actual, but hidden, motive.

They didn’t get that memo in Mitchell, South Dakota, where the city council members voted 7-1 in favor of putting the phrase up on the wall. Several local pastors who supported this move were adamant to explain the religious motive for doing so, and Council President Jeff Smith joined them:

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Christian Right Leader Bryan Fischer Wants to Pay Muslims to Leave the Country

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has a problem with Donald Trump‘s plan to ban Muslims from entering the country: He doesn’t think it goes far enough.

On his show yesterday, Fischer explained that we also need to get the Muslims who are in the country out of the country. And if we need to pay them to leave, so be it:

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Colorado Clerk’s Anti-Gay Marriage Sign Condemns Those Who “Choose to Violate God’s Written Word”

If you want to get a marriage license in Elbert County, Colorado, you’ll have to do it while staring at a poster that says God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman (1 Corinthians 7:2).

Because now that marriage equality is legal nationwide, some Christians in government positions need a way to let gay and lesbian couples know they’re abominations.

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Muslim Who Led Protest Against Critic of Islam Resigns After Tweeting “Homosexuality is a Disease”

Last week, Maryam Namazie gave a talk at Goldsmiths, University of London that is still being discussed for all the drama surrounding it.

It started last week when the atheist group that invited her there received an email from the President of the Goldsmiths Islamic Society calling Namazie’s presence at the school a “violation to our safe space” and asking that the talk be canceled:

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Former Australian Prime Minister, Forgetting That He’s Catholic, Says Islam Needs a Reformation

In an interview on Sky News last night, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott explained that Islam was in dire need of a reformation:

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