Bill Maher Speaks About the Gospel of ‘I Don’t Know’ with Alabama Reporter

Dan Carsen, an education reporter for WBHM radio in Alabama, interviewed Bill Maher in anticipation of his show in Birmingham this weekend, and the full audio interview is now available online.

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Texas Attorney General Candidate Thinks His Moment of Silence Bill Made it Possible for Kids to Pray in School

Here’s how good it is to be Dan Branch: You can run for Attorney General of Texas while running a campaign ad in which you tout your role in passing a mandatory moment of silence bill which you even admit is all about “… our faith and our relationship with The Almighty.” In other words, the potential legal advisor to the state passed a law that, one could argue, is unconstitutional.

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Alaska May Alter Its Constitution to Allow Taxpayers to Fund Religious Schools

If Alaskan Republicans get their way, then taxpayers will soon be footing the bill for students who attend religious schools.

As it stands, the state’s Constitution forbids that. Article 7, Section 1 states:

No money shall be paid from public funds for the direct benefit of any religious or other private educational institution.

But Reps. Wes Keller, Lora Reinbold, Bob Lynn, and Bill Stoltze are attempting to eliminate that line altogether with House Joint Resolution 1:

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Congressman Rush Holt, Science Advocate and Darwin Day Enthusiast, Will Not Run for Re-Election

We’re losing one of the good ones.

Rep. Rush Holt, a Democrat from New Jersey, announced yesterday that he won’t be running for re-election later this year:

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Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas Wants You to Vote for Him Because… Jesus

State Senator Dan Patrick, a radio talk show host from Houston, is currently running for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. He already voiced his support for teaching Creationism in science classes during a televised debate last December, where he added, “The breakup of the family in this country has started when we took God out of the classroom.”

Now, his latest campaign ad educates voters on what really matters: His record. His policies. His platform. God.

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