Richard Dawkins Responds to $58 Million Lawsuit from Man Who Says the Scientist Called Him Stupid

Richard Dawkins is currently being sued for $58 million in one of the weirdest lawsuits you will ever see.

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All That Glitters is Not God

We finally have definitive proof of God’s existence and it comes by way of Jessica, a Christian who’s temporarily visiting California and writing about her trip online.

She visited Bethel Redding Church and something miraculous happened…

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Another Christian Attempts to Disprove Evolution Through His Own Ignorance

Here’s yet another video of a Christian who doesn’t understand science explaining why evolution must be false:

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The Duggars Are Very Sad They Can’t Spread the Word of Jesus on TV Anymore

The Duggar family, fresh off the cancellation of their TV show and not-so-fresh off the Josh Duggar scandal rocking their household, is apparently very upset they’ve lost the greatest vehicle to proselytize to the public:

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56% of Non-Religious Americans Have Smoked Pot

According to a new Gallup poll, 44% of all Americans say they’ve tried marijuana at some point in their lives, a number that jumps to 56% when looking specifically at the Nones (atheists, Agnostics, and those with no religious affiliation).

Furthermore, while 11% of all Americans admit to currently smoking pot, 18% of the Nones said the same thing. (Both percentages are, of course, underestimates since some respondents probably didn’t want to admit to it even if their anonymity was guaranteed.)

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