What I’m Doing to Make Sure Atheists Have a Voice in the Iowa Caucuses

With fewer than 40 days until the Iowa caucuses, it’s crunch time for voters. Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, neocons, war hawks, and bleeding hearts will come out on a February night to help select the next Presidential nominees from the two major political parties.

If I have anything to do with it, atheists will play an important role on that night.

As a lifelong Iowan, I feel privileged to live in a state where we have the ability to help influence the public discourse and political process. Here’s what I’m doing to maximize the impact atheists might have in our heavily religious state.

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Pennsylvania School District Spent $64,000 Defending Illegal Ten Commandments Monument

This past August, we learned the fate of a Ten Commandments monument that had been outside Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania since 1957:

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Christian Preacher Says 2016 is When the Tides Will Turn… Which is Also What She Said About 2015

Christian Preacher Cindy Jacobs is a constant source of material for this site. Whether she’s helping a woman grow three inches instantaneously, or turning metal into bone, or blaming the death of blackbirds on the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, she’s full of stories that her gullible followers never seem to challenge her on.

Now there’s evidence that she’s no better than a dollar-store astrologer.

She recently told her audience that, no matter what awful stuff is happening in their lives, it’ll all finally change in 2016:

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BuzzFeed’s “I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…” Statements Should Be Obvious to Most Viewers

A BuzzFeed video called “I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…” is already generating tons of views (and comments). It features several atheists responding to the most frequent stereotypes leveled against us:

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Purported ISIS Document Reveals Rules for How to Rape Slaves in Accordance with Sharia Law

The Islamic State wants to make sure its members are treating enslaved women right. Which is to say: They can be raped, but it has to be done in accordance with Sharia Law.

According to reporters at Reuters, theologians working with the terrorist organization issued a list of “rules” for how this can be done after they saw violations taking place. And if you reread that sentence, you’ll realize how messed up our world is. Their interpretation of the Qur’an permits rape, but only if done correctly.

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