In Pastor’s Voting Guide, Even Mike Huckabee Isn’t Christian Enough to Get a Perfect Score

If you’re not sure who to vote for next year, don’t worry. Rev. Steven Andrew has you covered with his American Christian Voting Guide:

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All 17 Candidates for a North Carolina School Board Want Illegal Prayers at Meetings

There are 17 candidates running for 5 spots on the Cleveland County Board of Education in North Carolina, and they all took part in a forum last night so the public could get to know them a little better.

While most of the questions were randomly given to individual candidates, all 17 of them were asked whether they wanted prayer at school board meetings. (Because that’s really what matters.)

Just to be clear, praying at school board meetings is illegal. It’s not like a city council where there can be a rotating cast of invocation speakers. So this was a dumb question to begin with.

But they asked it. So how did the candidates respond?

Every single one of them said yes. Some of them said they wanted to make sure it was legal first, but they all wanted it. Here’s just a sampling of their responses:

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School District is Still “Negotiating” with Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying on the Field

On Friday night, Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy prayed on the field despite several warnings that he was violating the law by promoting Christianity while acting as a school representative.

If he weren’t Christian, he would’ve no doubt been fired a long time ago.

So has anything happened since Friday night?


The District is “negotiating” with his team of Christian lawyers, whatever the hell that means:

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Cowboy Pastor Will Ride Horse to Site of Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument in Protest

Now that Oklahoma has removed the Ten Commandments monument from outside the Capitol building, one Texas pastor is so angry, that he’s planning a protest.

It’s gonna be a *big* protest, too. It involves a horse. Because this pastor is a cowboy.

(This is the part where you all start shaking in your boots.)

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When It Comes to the Legal System, Just Ignore the Ten Commandments

Even Sarah Palin understands that the Ten Commandments don’t form the basis for U.S. law:

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