A Brief Introduction to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

If you tend to tune out when people talk about Hamas, the West Bank, or Israeli settlements, this “brief, simple history” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict offers a fantastic introduction into the big issues:


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Kentucky Judge Rules That Noah’s Ark Theme Park is Eligible for Up To $18 Million in Tax Incentives

You all know that Creationist Ken Ham has been working for a long time on getting his Noah’s Ark Theme Park (a.k.a. Ark Encounter) built.

Ham hit a major snag in December of 2014 when the state of Kentucky said Answers in Genesis was ineligible to receive a tax incentive worth up to $18,000,000.


Now, a judge has ruled against the state, essentially giving Ham a victory at the expense of Kentucky taxpayers.

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Anti-Abortion Activists Who Made Misleading Videos About Planned Parenthood Indicted by Grand Jury

In the city where voters rejected equal rights for LGBT people and in the state that’s led by an anti-abortion governor and represented by Sen. Ted Cruz, a grand jury said today that the only criminals in a months-long Planned Parenthood investigation were the pro-life activists who lied about what the organization does.


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When It Comes to Religion, Do You Even Want to Know the Truth?

Here’s an interesting thought experiment: If you could push a button that would definitively tell you whether or not God exists, would you do it? (If you’re religious, the button would also tell you whether or not your version of faith is accurate.)


Robert Kirby, writing for the Salt Lake Tribune, says your desire to press the button depends on where you are in the “truth-seeking process”:

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ESPN Suspended Commentator Who Called Former Golden State Warriors Coach a “Bible-Pounding Phony”

If you know anything about basketball, it might be that the Golden State Warriors, led by last year’s MVP Steph Curry, is by far the most dominant team in the league right now. They won the NBA championship last year and they’re well on their way to repeating this year.

Head coach Steve Kerr and his assistant Luke Walton, who took over while Kerr was on medical leave this year, have been incredible. They’ve turned the team from one you rarely thought about to one you can’t stop watching.

Kerr got the coaching gig last year after the team’s management fired his predecessor Mark Jackson. So it’s worth asking: Does the team’s success now suggest that Jackson was a bad coach?

Earlier this month, that question was posed to Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan on the Dan Le Batard Show, and Ryan was extremely blunt with his answer, reflecting on what he was thinking two years earlier:


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