Pastor Steven Furtick Won’t Tell You How Much He Makes Because Jesus Said Not To

Pastor Steven Furtick is the evangelical megachurch pastor who runs Elevation Church in North Carolina, a place that draws in nearly 20,000 attendees and takes in about $500,000 each weekend. He’s been in the news before for his shady financial dealings and fake “spontaneous” baptisms, so it’s natural that people want to know how his church manages all that money. How much of it goes to the pastor himself?

He finally responded in an interview this week… by saying he would never answer that question because Jesus told him to keep his mouth shut.

Speaking with WCCB News @ Ten’s Morgan Fogarty, Furtick deflected a question about his extravagant lifestyle by saying he would keep his mouth shut:

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After Atheist’s Invocation, Lake Worth (Florida) Officials Will Illegally Offer Their Own Prayers

Last December, atheist activist Preston Smith delivered an invocation at a Lake Worth (Florida) City Commission meeting.

Not only did four of the five commissioners walk out before he had said a single word, Smith represented what could happen when the door for invocations is wide open thanks to Christians wanting to pray at government meetings.

His speech referenced a number of religions and gods:

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Pat Robertson Says Viewer Can Invite Atheists to Wedding, but She Should Beware Their Satanic Ways

On yesterday’s episode of The 700 Club, a viewer asked Pat Robertson whether she should invite certain atheist family members to her Christian wedding.

Robertson said she should invite them… but offered a strange caveat.

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Help Foundation Beyond Belief Continue Putting Humanism in Action

Regular readers of this site know that I work with a group called Foundation Beyond Belief which encourages atheists to give money to various charities, supports on-the-ground volunteering in the U.S. and overseas (we have a team currently in Ghana), and raises funds for resources in emergency disaster situations. It’s a lot to juggle and our staff won’t be able to do it much longer unless we have more support.

We’re holding our year-end fundraiser right now and would really appreciate your generosity. As an added incentive, the first $20,000 raised will be matched, and there are all sorts of prizes available for individuals who make a contribution or groups that encourage members to give!

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Comedians Chime in on Starbucks Red Cup Non-troversy

Now that the Starbucks Red Cup freakout has reached peak Culture War, several comedians have chimed in on the matter.

Like Stephen Colbert giving a shout-out to Joshua Feuerstein, a.k.a. “Paul Blart, Mall Bro”:

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