Once Again, Vandals Ruin an Atheist Group’s Adopt-a-Highway Sign

For a couple of years now, the Atheists of Butte County (in California) have adopted a highway and cleaned up their two-mile stretch of Highway 99.

And it seems that vandals are always on their trail, making minor alterations to their official signs.

In 2013, someone stuck the word “PRAY” to their post:

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Can Charles Darwin’s Birthday Become a New Holiday?

International Darwin Day celebrates the birth of Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809) by encouraging groups to put on lectures or events educating others about evolution. More generally, the purpose is:

… to inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth as embodied in Charles Darwin.

Today, they’re relaunching Darwin Day with a new website and logo:

There’s also a brand new vision for what Darwin’s birthday should mean:

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Mississippi Legislators Want to Make the Bible the Official State Book

It was only a couple of months ago that a group wanted Mississippi to establish Christianity as the state religion.

Now, two state legislators are trying to make the Bible the official State Book.

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Former Maryland Official Who Wouldn’t Stop Reciting Christian Prayers at Meetings May Become State Senator

Last year, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners in Maryland was told by a judge that they needed to stop praying to Jesus at meetings. That didn’t sit well with Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier (below) who ended up saying a religious prayer at the next meeting, anyway, falsely attributing it to President George Washington.

After multiple legal warnings from the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, and the looming prospect of heavy fines if the prayers continued, the commissioners voted 3-2 in April to stop with the sectarian prayers.

Frazier was one of the two commissioners opposed to complying with the law. She even told Christian Today that she would be willing to go to jail instead of following the law.

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Life is Like a Donut…

Without saying it explicitly, Pablo Stanley does a lovely job in this cartoon explaining how atheists find meaning in life, even though we don’t believe in an afterlife:

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