A Science Stocking!

I don’t care if atheists aren’t supposed to celebrate Christmas. I’m getting this, anyway:

(via The Morning Heresy)

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Debunking the Viral ‘Miss Ping’ Video

Last month, an incredible video of a man hitting some knives right into the ping-pong paddles of his partner began going viral on YouTube:

Now, Captain Disillusion, the true skeptic that he is, debunks the whole thing, showing us exactly how it was done:

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Before India Launched Its Mars Mission, There Was a Blessing from the Gods

You may have heard that, earlier this week, India launched a spacecraft that will soon be orbiting Mars (for a fraction of the cost it took American scientists, no less).

What you may not have heard is what the Indian Space Research Organization Chairman K Radhakrishnan did before the launch: he took miniature versions of the rocket and spacecraft to a local temple and asked the (idols of) deities for their blessings, saying later that “a little divine intervention” wouldn’t hurt.

Cultural traditions aside, just imagine what it would look like if the head of NASA decided to go to church in the days before a rocket was set to launch so that he could ask Jesus for a little help.

You know, if you think your rocket — your pinnacle-of-scientific-achievement-rocket! — need supernatural help, maybe it’s time to double-check your calculations instead of speaking to the spirits.

Shrey Goyal is appalled by Radhakrishnan’s behavior:

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In Idaho, ‘Faith-Healing’ May Have Killed More Children Than We Ever Suspected

We’ve heard the stories of those poor children in Oregon who died after their parents, on account of their religious faith, refused to take them to doctors. The kids died from preventable causes because their health was put in God’s hands instead of the care of those who knew what they were doing. (And existed.)

15-month-old Ava Worthington. 16-year-old Neil Beagley. 8-month-old Alayna May Wyland. 9-hour-old David Hickman died that way.

And now, Dan Tilkin, a reporter at KATU in Oregon, tells us he went one state over, to Idaho, and stumbled upon several more children who were killed because of their parents’ neglect and faith.

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It Happened and I Have the Pics to Prove It

Not that long ago, I walked down an aisle surrounded by friends and family members and had a lovely wedding ceremony :)

Some of the pictures just went up online, and if you’re so inclined, you can check them out here.

Now for the fun part of the marriage: the part that doesn’t involve planning the wedding!

(via Chrystl Roberge Photography)

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