Georgia Sheriff Who Put Up “Politically Incorrect” Sign is Now Selling T-Shirts with the Message

Remember Harris County, Georgia Sheriff Mike Jolley? He’s the guy who says non-Christians aren’t welcome in his community and put up a sign outside his office to show it:

If that weren’t bad enough, Jolley is now selling t-shirts with the message.

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Arkansas Has a Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol Grounds, So Why Not a Festivus Pole?

Florida activist Chaz Stevens has taken steps to install a 6-foot-tall rainbow-colored Festivus pole, topped by a disco ball, inside the Arkansas Capitol building in Little Rock: The director of the Humanity Fund said he feels states have to allow all religious displays on government property or none. He said placing Christian displays at capitol [Read More…]

These Are the Questions Christians Would Like to Ask Other Christians

In a recent Buzzfeed video, Christians posted questions to fellow Christians.

Like: “Why does Christian music always sound like a mixture of Nickelback and Third Eye Blind?”

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Atheist Group’s Displays Go Up in Wisconsin State Capitol

If you visit the Wisconsin Capitol building over the next month, be sure to catch the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Winter Solstice message, which is up for the 20th time:

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Front Page of the New York Daily News: “God Isn’t Fixing This”


The New York Daily News just posted tomorrow’s front page, and it’s a direct response to all those politicians who only offer “thoughts” and “prayers” after a mass shooting… but refuse to do anything substantive:

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