This is Why God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

DarkMatters2525 shows us how, if God actually answered your prayers, it would ruin his entire Master Plan:


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God’s Memory Aid Isn’t Very Helpful, Is It?

God is all-powerful and all-knowing… but His memory is just awful.

In a comic at It’s the Tie, He explains to His assistant how pillows help remind Him of all the important things on His agenda.


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Supreme Court to Decide if Churches Are Eligible for State Grants to Renovate Their Property

On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a church/state case that could poke a large hole in the wall of separation between them.

It involves the Trinity Church of Columbia (Missouri). The church runs a Christian preschool and they wanted to renovate the playground. As it turns out, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has a special program offering money for just that reason. So the church applied for a grant in 2012.

There were 44 applicants that year, but the state only had cash to fund 14 of them and the church didn’t make the cut. Even though reports later came out that they ranked 5th out of the 44 applicants.


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Donald Trump Visits Liberty University to Win Over Evangelicals, Then Bungles Bible Verse

You know, if you want to win the support of evangelicals in an election, you should at least try to speak their language.

In his speech at Liberty University this morning, Donald Trump misquoted a Bible verse. Not the words in them, just the way he presented it:


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Muslim Group Blocks Bill Banning Child Marriages in Pakistan for Being “Anti-Islamic,” “Blasphemous”

President Obama said a few months ago, “If I presented a cure for cancer, getting legislation passed to move that forward would be a nail-biter.” He’s unfortunately right. Political pressure can derail even the most obvious of bills.

That example is hypothetical, but a real example just happened in Pakistan, where a bill to ban child marriages has been blocked by Muslim extremists.


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