Finding Answers in Science at an Anti-Creationism Rally

This is a guest post by Emily Dietle. A native Texan, Emily heads the blog emilyhasbooks writing on issues of atheism, Humanism, state secularism, egalitarianism, and free-expression. She is an aspiring speaker, avid reader, and strives to spread awareness of these issues, online and in person.

This past weekend in Houston, Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham was the keynote speaker at the Texas Home School Coalition’s convention, pandering the hogwash of dinosaurs and humans living at the same time. After many refused attempts to set up a dialogue, an atheist Meetup group organized a rebuttal to Ham’s promotion of Creationism. Coordinating their efforts, three local freethought groups, spearheaded by Vic Wang, co-organized an educational event called “Answers in Science: What On Earth Do We Know?” Their efforts came under fire when Houston-area Creationist David Shormann attempted to silence the evidence-based Answers in Science from being held in the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) on the grounds that its messages promoting evolution were intolerant to religious teachings and an attack on Christianity. Shormann petitioned HMNS to ban the freethought groups from using meeting rooms there. Fortunately, he failed.

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Because God Wouldn’t Love Them If They Only Built Two Giant Expensive Crosses

Crossing Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee is just about to finish construction on three massive crosses, one that’s 125 feet tall and two that are 100 feet tall.

The project only cost them $700,000… which, I guess, is the going price for insecurity:

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When Atheists Criticize Religion, We’re Not Arguing Against This

I frequently get complaints from Christians who read this site that I spend too much time focusing on the “wrong kind” of Christians. If only I would listen to their pastors or consider their idea of who God is, I would have a very different impression of Christianity.

That’s the same sort of argument Tiffany Gee Lewis makes in a horrible article for the Guardian, the subtitle of which is “I wish I could invite the world into my church meetings, especially those who find little redeeming value in religion.”

Lewis writes:

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Judge Rules That Faith-Healing Couple Responsible for Killing Two of Their Children Can Be Charged with Murder

You may recall Herbert and Catherine Schaible, faith-healing-practicing parents who let both of their children die, separately, from preventable causes because they believed prayer would help them instead of doctors.

If you need a (sad) reminder of their crimes, read this post.

They have seven other children — thankfully in foster care right now.

On Wednesday, there was finally a bit of justice in this case:

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Can Atheists Date Christians?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Can atheists date Christians?

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