‘Atheists Helping the Homeless’ Celebrates Third Anniversary with Cake

Earlier today, the group Atheists Helping the Homeless based in Austin, Texas held their 42nd giveaway — and because it’s their third anniversary, they gave away cake, too! Among the items they gave away: pre-packaged food, toilet paper, socks, soap, combs, razors, sunblock, and shampoo. Also, this marks the last giveaway for our friend Joe [Read More...]

Sarah Silverman on the Importance of Church-State Separation

It seems to me the people who disregard the separation of church and state are the sticklers that are always pointing to the Constitution (and the Bible for that matter) when and where it serves them. I want America back — the brave, progressive young country, unafraid of the unknown. Motivated by what is right [Read More...]

I’m Doing an Interview on National Progressive Talk Radio Tonight

I’ll be on National Progressive Talk Radio tonight at 9:00p (EST) and you can listen in and ask questions. So think of some good ones and call in to the show! [Read more...]

An Atheist vs. Christian Debate Takes Place in Malaysia

On August 25th, there was a debate on the existence of God in Malaysia. According to Kok Sen Wai of the Malaysian Atheists, it was the “first time such a dialogue occurred” in the country as well as the largest ever gathering of atheists there (both claims I can’t verify). Anyway, you can see the [Read More...]

Columnist Offers Great Advice to Mother Concerned About Daughter’s Atheism

Normally, when a syndicated newspaper advice columnist tackles a question about atheism, I cringe. It’s never good information and you’re left wondering how the person earned a column in the first place. That’s not the case with Carolyn Hax, writer and columnist for the Washington Post. A mother wrote to Hax concerning her daughter… who [Read More...]