A Canadian Commentator’s Memorable Rant Against Anti-Vaxxers

You have to hear at least the first minute of this rant against anti-vaxxers, courtesy of Canadian commentator Rex Murphy. It’s gold, Jerry, Gold!

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When Artificial Intelligence Becomes Even More Realistic, Will Machines Become Targets for Religious Conversion?

If artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a part of our society, and if the machines seem to have minds of their own, then Christians may have found their next targets for conversion:

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Missouri Teen Who Nearly Drowned Isn’t Alive Because of a Miracle

A couple of weeks ago, three 14-year-old boys nearly drowned in Missouri’s Lake Sainte Louise. One of them, John Smith (below), had no pulse when he arrived at a local hospital and his prognosis wasn’t good. When Dr. Kent Sutterer told John’s mother she should prepare to say goodbye, she began praying… and then something incredible happened:

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A Conservative Christian Finally Admits His Faith Makes No Sense

It was scary. Yesterday, I finally found myself nodding along to an article on Charisma:

From an outside observer’s standpoint, Christianity is kind of absurd.

Think about it. We believe in an invisible man who lived over 2,000 years ago in a series of backwater towns in the Middle East, was killed by some religious zealots, and then was magically raised from the dead three days later, after which he floated up into the sky and disappeared, thus becoming the invisible man we now believe in and pin all our hopes to. Oh, and on top of that, we believe in other invisible beings: angels and demons — who are all around us, helping and influencing us. Meanwhile, another invisible Spirit (the Holy Spirit) is constantly at work behind the scenes around the earth, keeping the whole thing straight and intervening whenever He can.

When put that way, even I think it sounds crazy.

That’s from Christian author/filmmaker Darren Wilson… so you know this article — which made sense for a Charisma-record two paragraphs — is about to turn.

So why does Wilson believe this nonsense?

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Canadian Supreme Court Wisely Overturns Ban on Physician-Assisted Suicide in Certain Situations

The Canadian Supreme Court unanimously ruled today that patients with severe medical problems can (soon) legally ask their doctors to help end their lives. While it may take some people aback, this is a compassionate and courageous move that will allow people who are suffering to end life on their own terms:

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