Mississippi Officials Asked to Remove Multiple Displays Promoting Christianity in Local Park

The problem with Bettie D. Robertson Memorial Park in Collins, Mississippi is that there’s a display featuring the words “City of Collins” that’s just above a picture of Jesus and a bible verse.

Oh. And there’s a display of Jesus walking on water.

And another of Jesus carrying a cross.

Wait: I’m not done yet.

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Virginia GOP Ad Reads “Preserve our Christian Heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN”

In case you had any question about the connection between Christians and the Republican Party, a Virginia GOP leader ran an ad in the local newspaper for next week’s statewide elections that said “Preserve our Christian Heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

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Stephen Colbert Talks Science (and Aliens) with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Seth MacFarlane

Science talk on a late night comedy show?

Count me in:

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Security Guards Say in Lawsuit They Were Fired After Complaining About Proselytizing Boss

Four security guards from Oregon are saying in a lawsuit that their former boss fired them after they complained about her religious proselytizing. They worked for G4S Secure Solutions, where supervisor Sarah Houser allegedly wouldn’t stop talking about her faith no matter the situation:

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Oh, So That’s How You Spot the Christians on Twitter

How do you know if someone’s a Christian on Twitter?

Just look for any of these phrases in their bios:

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